19 Pictures of Common Bug Bites and How to Identify Their Symptoms

Along with the pain, you will likely notice a raised welt pretty immediately, Kassouf says. You might even see a stinger or pinprick mark inside the bump. Some insects, like wasps, will both bite to hold themselves in place and sting you, Frye says.

Ant bites are typically painful and itchy. In addition to the bites, fire ants use their stinger to inject a venom called solenopsin, which causes a burning sensation, Frye says.

“The truth is that most spiders are too small to bite us, including those adorable jumping spiders,” Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann, Ph.D., an urban entomologist and coordinator with the New York State Integrated Pest Management community program at Cornell University, told TODAY.com previously.

Identifying Bug Bites: How to Figure Out What Bit You | The Family Handyman

11 common bug bites and photos to help you identify them

Identifying Bug Bites: How to Figure Out What Bit You | Best Health Canada

In addition to the lice and their bites, you might notice lice eggs called nits, Kassouf says. Nits are tiny, hard and white, and they stick to the hair follicle.

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While some people might get bitten by a mosquito or ant and barely notice, others may develop itchy or painful welts. And, for some, getting a bite or sting can mean a severe allergic reaction that requires medical attention.

If you notice these symptoms along with bug bites, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Kissing bugs, also known as assassin bugs, can pass on the parasites that cause Chagas disease. According to one study, more than half of these insects carry the parasite. In the United States, Chagas disease affects about 300,000 people, according to the CDC.

Chigger Bites

Hornet stings (like bee and wasp stings) are usually painful, itchy, red, and swollen immediately after they happen, without causing long-term effects. Many people can simply ice the area to soothe pain and pop an over-the-counter antihistamine like diphenhydramine (Benadryl) to help with itching. “After a half hour, you can go on with your business,” says Howard Russell, an insect and arthropod diagnostician at Michigan State University in East Lansing. Symptoms typically disappear after a day or two, says the Mayo Clinic.

Most bug bites are transmitted directly from the insect and occur outdoors. Two exceptions are bedbugs (tiny mites that live in and near beds) and lice, which spread through contact with an infected person, a comb, or clothing.

Other symptoms:

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Other symptoms:

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Spider bites

Some tick bites can be dangerous because the insects may carry disease. Black-legged ticks, formerly known as deer ticks, may carry Lyme disease, and dog ticks can spread Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Up to 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported each year in the United States.

You’re not likely to notice a tick bite right after it happens because ticks are so tiny. On top of that, “ticks have factors in their saliva that prevent pain, clotting and an immune reaction,” Frye told TODAY.com previously. “So you may never see any evidence of the tick bite,” he says.

19 Pictures of Common Bug Bites and How to Identify Their Symptoms

What Bit Me? How to Identify Common Bug Bites | Everyday Health

You may develop flu-like symptoms of a tick-borne illness in the weeks after a tick bite. That may mean you have a fever, headache, chills, fatigue, and muscle and joint pain. Some people also develop a distinctive “bullseye” rash.

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Brown recluse spider bites

Symptoms of a brown recluse spider bite occur within a few hours and include fever, chills, itching, nausea, and sweating. Because some people will have a serious reaction that can lead to kidney failure, seizure, and coma, it’s important to get medical care at once, according to MedlinePlus. Be sure to seek medical attention immediately if you could have been bitten by a poisonous spider; call 911 or America’s Poison Centers at 800-222-1222.

In some cases, people may develop a small, red, itchy bump after a tick bite that’s similar to a mosquito bite, the Mayo Clinic says.

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