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Usually the welts will be surrounded by clear edges. They may look similar to bug bites, but hives generally will appear and disappear more quickly. They may itch, sometimes severely, and they’re not always the same size or shape. They may be as small as the tip of a pen or as large as a dinner plate. (4) When you press the center of a hive bump on the skin, it likely will turn from red to white, which is known as blanching. (2,3)

Dyshidrotic eczema , also known as pompholyx , is a skin condition that causes small, incredibly itchy bumps on the hands or feet. The bumps are fluid-filled blisters that usually last for three to four weeks.

Hives may appear on the body grouped together and take over a large area of the skin, or as a couple of individual welts that show up here and there. (4) They can appear anywhere on the body, though some people get them in the same spot over and over again (usually as a result of a specific trigger). (4)

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Hives Symptoms: What They Look Like

People who have had COVID-19 can develop a skin rash. The rash may be hives with itchy bumps. A healthcare provider can help a person determine if their rash is from a COVD-19 infection or from another source.

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Hives, also known as urticaria , are raised, itchy, red patches or bumps on the skin. There can be just a few bumps or large red patches on the skin.

What does a Lyme disease rash look like?

With so many causes of itchy, mosquito-like bumps, it can be hard to identify the source. The common sources are insect bites, previous illness, or contact with a skin irritant or allergen (a normally harmless substance that provokes an allergic reaction).

The scabies rash looks like small red bumps. These bumps tend to form in a line and are itchy. If this is the person’s first time developing scabies, it will take two to six weeks for symptoms to start. However, if the person has already had scabies, the symptoms will begin within one to four days.

To treat flea bites, wash the area with soap and water. Apply calamine lotion or an anti-itch cream like over-the-counter hydrocortisone. Try not to scratch the flea bites, as this can cause them to become infected.

What Causes Itchy Bumps on Skin That Aren’t Mosquito Bites

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You likely know hives for the way they appear on your skin: They’re red, swollen welts that can sometimes be accompanied by itchiness or pain. There are a variety of possible causes for hives (or reasons that histamine and other chemicals get released by the body in the first place). They could be the result of allergies in response to foods, medication, or an infection, or they could be from another trigger, like exercise, heat, stress, or alcohol. (2,3)

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What Are the Symptoms of Hives?

To treat dyshidrotic eczema, apply cool compresses, anti-itch creams, and moisturize the skin. In some cases, a prescription medication may be necessary.

Hives, known in the medical world as urticaria, are your skin’s reaction to histamine (a chemical released by the body’s immune system in response to an allergen) and other inflammatory signals being released into your bloodstream. (1 )

What does a Lyme disease rash look like?

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“Hives are characterized by red or pale-colored welts on the skin, which typically come and go throughout the day,” says Sourab Choudhury, DO, a dermatologist and the chief medical officer at the Dermatology Specialists, a private dermatology practice in New York City. “Sometimes they itch, burn, or sting.”

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How to Know It’s Hives and Not One of These Other Skin Problems

There are so many causes of dyshidrotic eczema it can be hard to find a specific trigger. Heat, stress, sweat, nickel, cosmetics, and soap are all common causes.

Red bumps on the skin can seem like a somewhat generic description. Couldn’t that indicate a number of possible skin issues? How can you know if it’s hives you’re experiencing and not something else? Here’s what to know about hives and their unique symptoms.

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