Autism Factsheet (for Schools)

When your child has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), for example Asperger’s syndrome, school can be difficult. Autism in the classroom is something that’s hard for teachers, parents, and the child with the ASD to deal with.

She says getting early intervention and training helped her entire family become stronger. In a sense, she says, the focus is no longer all on her son. That takes some of the pressure off him and creates a more balanced family life for everyone.

Other communication avenues are usually still available to him. He is still able to make gestures, nod, and shake his head. He can still write and draw. So to help give him time, the easiest thing for us is to simply wait the few seconds it takes for his speech center to kick back in. One method we use is the eight-second rule:

The Many Strengths Of Children With Autism

Autism in the Classroom

But the learning does not stop and start with one teacher in one classroom—parents, teachers and school administrators should share this with physical education teachers, art teachers, music teachers and throughout their school.

The good news: inclusion has universal benefits. It has been known to improve educational outcomes for all students, overall attitudes towards diversity and even school attendance rates.

Although there’s no cure for autism, early intervention and therapy can help kids develop skills and achieve their potential. Therapy is tailored to each child’s individual needs and may include behavioral, educational, speech, and occupational therapies.

Autism Factsheet (for Schools)

My son’s special education teacher used the phrase “unexpected behavior” as a code to help him to remember to manage his stims. When his stim might disturb students, our son’s IEP allowed that he could leave the classroom and go to a quiet space until he was ready to return.

Spafford is now the school’s executive director. She says she helped start the school because when she looked at private and public schools something was missing. She couldn’t find anything as good as what she was doing for her daughter at home.

Another said “My child is developing behavioral problems. That’s because he can’t communicate well at school.”

What Autism Can Look Like

Understanding Autism in the Classroom: Interview with a Teacher

She suggests showing up a week before school starts. Practice walking to school. Once there, show your child their new classroom. Also show your child with autism how to get to the water fountains and the bathrooms.

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Autism in the classroom: Tips from a parent

Some parents say that sometimes private schools won’t take a child with ASD. The reason they give is that they aren’t equipped to deal with autism in the classroom. The few schools that do take kids with autism, according to one parent, cost a fortune. And, they add thay those few schools accept only a handful of children.

Platzman advises parents to not be shy about changing schools if things aren’t working out the way they should.

Autism in the classroom: How general education teachers can support students with ASD

Autism classroom setup, Asd classroom, Autistic support classroom

Public schools are legally bound to use an IEP to guide the education of a child with an ASD. IEP stands for individualized education plan. It outlines therapies and educational programs that will be provided to help ensure your child’s educational success. Therapies might include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and behavioral therapy. The IEP might also define the time your child will spend with a special education teacher.

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Autism in the classroom: The IEP meeting

“My school just doesn’t get it,” one parent who didn’t want to be identified told WebMD.

Children with autism also often have sensory issues. For instance, your child might be either under-sensitive or extremely sensitive to light or touch. Or your child may crave deep pressure or be calmed by chewing things. If a child can’t say, “Hey I’m lost,” in class, he might compensate by doing something like chewing pencils.

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