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Despite the small size of no-see-ums, they have powerful mandibles that can easily pierce the skin, causing painful bites—even more severe than a mosquito bite. No-see-um bites can also cause a sharp burning sensation, redness, swelling, and in some cases, a rash from multiple bites.

Bed bug bites are typically small reddish bumps resembling blisters or pimples. Since bed bugs inject an anesthetic and anticoagulant into the skin, it may take a few hours—or even days—before the victim notices the insect bites. While some people don’t have any visible marks, most people who experience bed bug bites have mildly swollen, itchy bumps with a central reddish bruise.

Bed bugs, on the other hand, are small, flat-bodied insects the size of an apple seed (when fully grown) that feed on human blood and are experts at hiding indoors. Bed bugs are attracted to humans because they can get a guaranteed meal on a regular basis by living near people. If bite marks are accompanied by tiny bloodstains on the bed sheets, the bites likely came from bed bugs.

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How long do no-see-um bites last? The pain and itchiness can be maddening, and welts may linger on your skin for up to two weeks. Getting rid of these nuisance biters requires expertise, and our team of trained MosquitoNix professionals can provide several chemical and eco-friendly solutions that stop them cold. We have highly effective misting and fogging systems and offer portable no-see-um control products that are easy to take anywhere. Contact us today and ask our no-see-um experts for the best permanent elimination remedies.

It can be more challenging to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress or elsewhere in the home; however, to minimize the risk of a severe infestation, keep the home clutter-free and vacuum regularly to help eliminate potential hiding spots. Seeking assistance from a professional exterminator is crucial and will be the best option if an active infestation occurs. Pest control specialists are trained on specific insect species and will know exactly where to find these pests and how to remove them from the home.

What attracts no-see-ums bugs?
No-see-ums are attracted to moisture and warmth, as well as carbon dioxide and lactic acid that humans and animals emit. They are also attracted to dark clothing and perfumes or scented products.

No-See-Um Bites vs. Bed Bug Bites: 6 Ways to ID the Bug Behind the Sting

It’s possible that those who recently spent time outdoors in warmer weather were bitten by a no-see-um. These tiny flies, also known as biting midges or sand flies, bite humans for protein-rich meals and are attracted to moist environments, like standing water.

Though both insects are similar in size, have related feeding habits, and can be a nuisance for their victims, bed bugs and no-see-ums have many differentiating characteristics. Here’s what to know about no-see-um bites vs. bed bug bites, how to identify them, and when to bring in one of the best pest control services (options include companies such as Orkin or Terminix).

Most people have, at some point, discovered mysterious bites that leave red, itchy welts on their skin. The most common culprits of these irritations are no-see-ums and bed bugs—but what’s the difference between them, and how does one determine which insect caused the bites?

How to Eliminate No-See-Um Bites

How to Get Rid of No-See-Ums

The bites of no-see-ums resemble those of bed bugs, as the insects both aim for open areas of the skin, such as the lower legs or arms. The bites of no-see-ums usually appear as a uniform, randomly clustered area of red dots. Although the initial bite isn’t always noticed or felt at first, it is prominent afterward, leaving a 1- to 2-inch-diameter raised welt over time. A no-see-um bite mark may take hours or even days to show up.

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No-see-um bites are usually found in small clusters, while bed bug bites appear in zigzag or straight-line patterns.

The main difference between no-see-um bites vs. bed bug bites is that bed bugs leave a trail of bites in a straight or zigzag line on parts of the body that are exposed when sleeping, such as the neck, face, hands, shoulders, arms, or legs. However, bed bugs have a defense mechanism when biting flesh that makes it hard for their victims to feel the initial bite, so the bite might not be noticed until a few days after.

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