Bed Bugs vs. Scabies Bites: What’s The Difference?

A scabies-related rash generally takes between four and six weeks to become visible. It typically develops as a result of an immune response to the presence of mite proteins and feces inside the scabies burrow.

Because the rash is so itchy, sores may result from constant scratching and can become infected. Itching is worse at night and can interfere with sleep.

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Scabies is a skin condition caused by an infestation of microscopic eight-legged mites called Scarcoptes scabiei. The mites cause extreme itching and a rash. Symptoms develop after pregnant female mites burrow into the skin and lay eggs. When the eggs hatch, the young mites return to the surface of the skin via the burrows created by the females. Without treatment, the cycle repeats itself as the young mites mate and tunnel under the skin to lay their eggs.

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Also called Norwegian scabies, crusted scabies is a very severe infestation involving tens of thousands of mites on a single person. This causes the skin to develop thick crusts full of mites and eggs. Crusted scabies is most common in people with weakened immune systems, the elderly, and people who are disabled. This type of scabies is highly contagious and requires swift treatment to prevent outbreaks.

An itch mite infestation can also, in some cases, be invisible. Let’s take a look at some of the things that may help to determine if a rash or skin lesions are caused by scabies.

When scabies treatment is started, those suffering from the infestation generally find that the itch intensifies for one to two weeks before it improves.

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Scabies outbreaks occasionally strike daycare centers. Young children tend to play in ways that involve skin-to-skin contact. They may also share naptime mats and blankets. If scabies is found in a child who attends daycare, it’s important to notify the staff. The child’s classmates and caregivers will probably need to be treated as well, even if symptoms have yet to appear.

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However, scabies is not only transmitted sexually; it can also be spread in crowded spaces like nursing homes, hospitals, classrooms, daycares, dorms, and prisons.

Dogs and cats get scabies, too — better known as mange. However, canine scabies and feline scabies are not caused by the same type of mite that triggers human scabies. You can get mites from handling an infested pet, but these mites can’t reproduce in human skin. This means they usually die off without causing serious symptoms.

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The good news is there’s no need to use insecticides or fumigants to get rid of mites — in fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn’t recommend them — so you don’t have to expose your family to these chemicals or endure their odor to make your home safe again. And, since the scabies mite can’t survive on animals, there’s no need to treat your pet.

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The scabies rash takes the form of small, red bumps that may look like pimples, bug bites, hives or knots under the skin. You might be able to see the burrow tracks created by the mites, which appear as raised lines of tiny blisters or bumps. Some people develop scaly patches that resemble eczema.

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A less common and more severe type of scabies called crusted or Norwegian scabies happens when an exceptionally large number of mites invades the skin. There may be hundreds or thousands of mites compared with only 10 or 20 in typical scabies. People with crusted scabies develop thick crusts of skin that contain mites and eggs. They may or may not experience itching and a rash.

A scabies rash is described by the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD) as small bumps or knots under the skin that may resemble pimples.

You can also seal items that may contain mites in plastic for 72 hours, as the mites cannot survive for longer than three days outside the human body.

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