Cradle Cap vs Dry Skin

“Cradle cap, otherwise known as infantile seborrheic dermatitis, is a very common, and is usually a self-remitting, non-inflammatory skin complaint that usually presents between the first 3 weeks to three months of life,” says Dr Ayer.

In most cases, dandruff is to blame when your scalp and forehead flare up and start to break out in acne. But your forehead is not where the acne ends. You begin to have facial acne as the dandruff flakes land on your face, particularly on the nose, cheeks, and chin. And unlike other types of acne, face acne brought on by dandruff may persist or keep coming back until the dandruff problem is treated.

cradle cap before and after

Natural and safe cradle cap solutions for baby

“Usually treatment is required twice, with a week between each treatment. The itch can take up to six weeks to go away. This is usually because of an allergic response, not ongoing scabies, and can be treated with calamine lotion or an emollient,” she adds.

Parents are required to remain vigilant over skins of their children. PHOTO/COURTESY.

Cradle cap
See some crusty yellow scales, deep red bumps and dandruff-like flakes on your baby’s head? That’s cradle cap (called dandruff in older kids and adults), which is very common in infants in the first three months and can linger as long as a year.

Cradle Cap vs Dry Skin: Understanding the Distinctions

Cradle Cap

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More You Can Do

Since cradle cap is an overproduction of oil on your baby’s head, keeping it clean will help keep these oils at bay. All you need to do is use baby shampoo and rub it gently. Your doctor might tell you to wash your baby’s hair more often than you usually do, like every day instead of every few days.

This is another issue that’ll affect most children – according to Lancaster General Health it occurs in about 70% of babies.

Babies and skin health: What you need to know

Treating Cradle Cap

And now, all of a sudden, they’re spending every waking breath in a completely different – not to mention, dry – environment. They’ll have random rashes pop up, bouts of dry skin, weird spots that look like they’ve hit their teen years a decade too early (yes, baby acne is a thing).

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“Around the house, vacuum all carpets and mattresses and also treat all family members at the same time, even if only one child is affected,” she adds.

And if you’re ever concerned about a rash or skin issue that’s impacting your baby, or you notice their skin problem is getting worse, always seek medical advice from your doctor, health visitor or dermatologist.

“Very young babies can’t itch their skin so instead pinch or grab it,” she adds.

Understanding your baby’s skin conditions

Adult Cradle Cap: Information, Treatment, And More

When you have a baby, you quickly realise that their skin is really having to make some big adjustments to life outside the womb.

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In terms of treatment, babies will need a medicated cream – such as 5% permethrin cream – applied to their scalp, neck and over their whole body down to their toes, the dermatologist suggests.

Your baby’s clothing, sheets, towels and soft toys should be washed on the hottest setting possible. Clothes and bedding should also be dried on the hottest setting (if you have a tumble dryer) to destroy the mites and their eggs.

“The general texture of a baby’s skin should be smooth and soft, but in babies with eczema, one of the first signs a parent may notice is that the skin feels rough and dry to touch.”

I m A Dermatologist, These Are The Most Common Skin Issues In Babies

Cradle Cap: Causes & Treatment | Pampers

Cutis marmorata is newborn mottling of the skin on the trunk and extremities in a symmetrical fashion. It is caused by the baby’s blood vessels responding to cold, and it resolves when the skin is warmed. No treatment is needed.

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The type of acne seen in babies looks similar to teenage acne, with small red or white bumps on the baby’s cheeks or forehead, though they can appear almost anywhere on the upper chest or head. Acne occurs in up to 20% of newborns, starting at around 2 to 3 weeks of age. Baby acne usually doesn’t need to be treated, and it will typically resolve on its own within a few months. If it lasts longer, consult your child’s pediatrician.

This appears as fine clear or red spots, sometimes as small blisters. Also known as prickly heat, heat rash is more common in hot, humid weather and is often caused by overdressing an infant. Heat rash isn’t harmful, but it can be helpful to put the baby in a cooler environment or consider removing a layer of clothing.

Can cradle cap look like acne jeans

5 Things You Need to Know About Cradle Cap

If your baby has cradle cap, it’s nothing to worry about. Dr Ayer recommends washing the baby daily with a gentle baby shampoo along with an emollient containing light liquid paraffin.

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It would solve the problem to some extent.

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When your baby is wet, pat their skin dry—don’t rub. Lubricate the skin with an unscented, moisturizing ointment. If symptoms get worse despite these measures, consult your baby’s pediatrician.

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