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Better get the allergy checkout. You may make your skin prettier but your main problem is the allergy. You’ll just make new scar.

were you bitten by bed bugs while sleeping? some ppl do have ultra sensitive skin and when they scratched it due to itch, it will swell and all. so, as far as possible don’t scratch it or else it will leave those dark pigmentation behind.

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What do bed bug bites look like imageshack

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recently, i got bitten by bed bugs behind my neck. i didn’t even realized it and i kept scratching it.. i thought was it acne? then yesterday’s night, applied squalene oil and this morning that bites subsided and i am not even scratching it anymore. darn you bed bugs!! i have killed you.. where the hell you come from. lol

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Here it’s obvious that Sam wants to have a “normal” life. The talk between the house-seller and his wife, all this “honey” and the love in his words in talking to his wife, these are the things Sam had planned for him and Jess. And now it’s all gone.

This face! Like he’s arguing with himself, for not watching what he’s talking about.
“Never mention Oprah, stupid!”

What do bed bug bites look like imageshack

*starts giggling*
I like the native-american-guy. He’s good^^ noticed that Dean’s lying right in the first second^^
Then Sam steps in. With his puppy-dog eyes, the honesty in his words, the entire handsome boy we love. And no one can resist him^^

Don’t know, never go see doctor. Just that red rashes will randomly appear at night for no reason. Great idea but don’t really think that scar gels work.

He looks so young and innocent and… puppy-like^^

What do bed bug bites look like imageshack

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I don’t know what I am allergic to. So how to check it out?

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Oh No They Didn’t (ONTD)

i don’t have sensitive skin like you. even when i got bitten by mosquitoes, bed bugs or anything, i scratched it, when it’s healed, i don’t get dark pigmentation behind. anyway, whenever i got bitten, i don’t wanna scratch it, i will just apply HABA’s squalene oil and in an instant, it will subside.. no itch or whatsoever.

A talk about the old man.
Seems like Sam was always the one to blame. And either Dean hadn’t noticed (which I can’t really believe) or he decided to forget it (which is way more realistic, ‘cause people tend to forget the bad things from the past. Like my grandma is used to say: “When I was younger, everything was much better”)
And Dean is so much trained and raised in his father’s way that he doesn’t seem to be able to understand why Sam wanted to play soccer and not learn bow-hunting. Because bow-hunting is an important skill. (And that’s they way his father said it, I bet). When Dean says that, with this absolutely serious voice I totally buy it. He really don’t get why Sam wanted to play soccer. And at this point I’m asking myself, why. They had the same childhood. So why is Sam so much different? He was raised by Dean, at least most of the time. So when did Sam and Dean’s mind go different ways? Why did Sam even as a child wants a normal life and Dean didn’t?
Maybe because Dean was almost pushed in Mary’s place? I can imagine that he was the one looking out for dad, preparing the meals for Sam and dad, doing the laundry. All the stuff a mother would do because Sam was too young and dad was too much into hunting for taking care of such business.
(*phew* pretty long observation this time^^)

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