Chigger Season is Here -What You Need to Know

“They tend to be in grassy areas, under vegetation and in shady areas with high humidity,” Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann, Ph.D., an urban entomologist and coordinator with the New York State Integrated Pest Management community program at Cornell University, tells

If your chigger bites aren’t getting any better with at-home remedies and over-the-counter treatments, it’s worth talking to a doctor, Levoska says. They can prescribe stronger medications, such as a topical steroid or antibiotic in the event of a secondary infection.

What Do Chiggers Look Like On Dogs

What do chigger bites look like? Photos to help you identify and treat them

Dog owners may be tempted to try alternative treatments to help ease their pet’s itchy discomfort. But home remedies such as Epsom salts, oatmeal and green tea in the bath water may or may not be effective. Cain advises checking with your dog’s veterinarian before trying any alternative treatment.

Chiggers can stay on the skin after the initial bite, according to Cleveland Clinic. When they bite, they release a digestive enzyme that allows the chigger to drink skin tissue without burrowing into it. Due to this enzyme, the itching is most uncomfortable in the first one to two days after the bite. But once you notice the itching feeling and begin to scratch, the chigger will fall off.

The chiggers that bite humans “are the larval stage of a mite that is otherwise harmless and actually beneficial,” Gangloff-Kaufmann says. “They eat other mites and other plant-damaging critters.”

Chiggers – the mighty mite causing misery to your dog

A Simple Look at Chiggers on Dogs

The most obvious symptom of chigger bites is the bites themselves, which tend to be red, raised pimple-like itchy bumps.

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How to prevent chigger bites

How Do I Treat Chiggers?

How long do chigger bites last?

Chiggers on Dogs: What You Need to Know

Identifying chigger bites

If you’ve ever come back from a hike to find a collection of small, itchy red bumps around your ankles but didn’t know what they were, you probably don’t know what chigger bites look like.

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What are chiggers?

Chiggers are horrible little mites that are commonly found on meadows, golf courses, woodlands, parks and in grassland around lakes and rivers, that bite both humans and their pets.

“They’re so tiny you can just barely see them,” said Dr. Susan E. Little, chair of Veterinary Pathobiology at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. And for pet parents that lead an active lifestyle with their pets, a single infestation of chiggers can be enough to keep you indoors, Little said.

Chigger Season is Here -What You Need to Know

Chigger bites prevention, what chigger bites look like & chigger bites ...

Chiggers, a type of mite, are more common in the south and southeastern U.S. because they thrive in hot, humid weather. They’re also most common in the summer, per Cleveland Clinic.

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What do chigger bites look like?

They thrive in wet, warm conditions, laying their eggs in soil and around grassy areas. The risk of infestations is highest in spring and summer when your dog may enjoy nothing more than a roll around in the long, dewy grass.

Probably the biggest misconception about chiggers is that they burrow into the skin and feed on blood. However, chiggers actually feed on skin cells and don’t penetrate the skin, Little said. When the larval chigger attaches to its host, its salivary secretions harden to form a tube, known as a stylostome, which the chigger uses to suck up liquefied skin tissue from the host, according to the AAVP. Feeding can last several days. When the chigger finishes, it detaches and proceeds to the next stage of its lifecycle, the prenymphal stage. Meanwhile, the feeding tube stays attached to the host and is what causes the lingering itchiness.

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