Cradle Cap

If excess sebum is released, it can harden and form into small clusters. Alternatively, if sebaceous glands become clogged, the sebum released may solidify and build up on top of your little one’s pores.

While hygiene is definitely not a cause of dry scalp or cradle cap, baths are still essential for keeping your little one’s skin healthy. Daily baths are helpful when caring for your child’s sensitive scalp area.

Some parents prefer to use coconut oil or olive oil to care for their little one’s scalp. While these oils aren’t specially formulated to treat your baby’s skin, they are natural oils and ultimately safe to use on your child.

Cradle Cap

Dry Scalp Or Cradle Cap: What s The Difference

Understanding Cradle Cap: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Cradle cap can cause rough patches, greasiness, hair loss, or color changes on your baby’s scalp. (Photo Credit: Medicimage RM/Medical Images)

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11) Head To The Doctor’s Office

Giving your baby a very gentle head massage will soothe them and help to remove dead skin cells at the same time. Using your fingertips, simply rub along the surface of your baby’s dry scalp.

You should also contact your doctor if your baby:

As we mentioned earlier, both in winter and summer, weather can contribute to your baby’s dry scalp. The cold, windy weather of wintertime can dry skin out, and the heat and sunburn of summertime can, too!

Cradle Cap

A large oval area on the top of the head looks pink with many pale brown patches. There are also many pale yellow, flaky scales. At the edge of the patch of cradle cap, closest to the forehead, the scales are close together and form a crust. There’s also a crust at the top of the head, with hair covering it.

Despite its prevalence, researchers aren’t exactly sure what causes cradle cap. There are several possibilities.

Sometimes seborrheic dermatitis in the diaper area or skin folds can get infected. Talk to your doctor if the rash gets worse or there are any signs of infection (the skin looks red, starts to drain fluid, or feels warm).

Cradle Cap (Seborrheic Dermatitis) in Infants

Dr. Kaplan

Protect your little one’s skin and scalp during the winter by wrapping them up properly and putting a cute hat on their head.

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1) Bathe Your Baby Regularly

For seborrhea on other parts of the body, your doctor may recommend a mild steroid or antifungal cream.

In this post, the baby experts at Mustela will answer both of these questions and more.

Cradle cap

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And in the summer, steer clear of sunburn by keeping your baby in the shade, dressing them in protective clothing (including an adorable sun hat!), and applying mineral sunscreen, like Mustela’s SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Lotion.

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2) Use Micellar Water In-Between Baths

If regular shampooing doesn’t help, your doctor may recommend a mild steroid cream or antifungal shampoo.

Dry scalp and cradle cap are similar conditions, so it can be tough to tell them apart. At their core, both stem from your little bundle of joy having dry skin on their head. So what’s the difference between the two?

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