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Swollen lymph nodes are a sign that the body is fighting against the growing infection. Usually, they return to their normal size after treatment and recovery. However, this is a serious sign that the patient should get treatment as soon as possible.

While none of these things will automatically lead to a tooth or gum abscess, they are all factors that increase the risk of mouth infection.

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How to tell if you have a tooth abscess? 12 symptoms explained

Tooth Abscess | Dental Abscess Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

This type of mouth abscess begins in the soft tooth pulp, usually as a result of decay deep inside the tooth. Once tooth decay has eroded the protective enamel and dentin of the tooth, bacteria can invade the nerves and tooth pulp.

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How are tooth abscesses treated?

The risk of spreading infection is amplified in the presence of a weakened immune system. Research released recently found of a group of 87 patients with brain abscesses, 52 with no primary source of infection had significantly higher counts of Streptococcus anginosus bacteria in their samples. 18 S. anginosus, common bacteria of oral abscesses, can also lead to pharyngitis, bacteremia, and infections in other internal organs such as the lung and liver. Many hospital admissions have roots in dental sepsis. 19,20

If you think you may have a dental abscess, you might be searching for abscessed tooth pictures to find out what an abscess in the mouth looks like. Keep in mind that not all abscesses are externally visible, so don’t put off visiting your dentist just because you can’t see any outward signs of infection.

Tooth Abscess? Your Guide to Risks, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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When cavities or other oral infections are left untreated, they can spread to the jawbone and soft tissues of the mouth. If an infection has been allowed to develop into an abscess, you may notice swelling in the mouth or face.

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When it comes to mouth abscesses, both the gums and the teeth themselves are at risk. A dental abscess in the mouth can erode the periodontal structure (which supports the teeth) and the jaw bone, causing irreparable damage. In some cases, you may need a tooth extraction.

Leaving an abscessed tooth untreated can lead to life threatening complications and warrants an emergency dentistry visit at the first signs of discomfort.

Usually, the first step to treating an abscess is draining the pus through surgery. The dental surgeon does this dental procedure either by making a hole in the infected tooth or by making an incision in the gum tissue to let out the pus.

Dental abscesses and their systemic effects

Details on Dental Abscess

I recently read a blog post comparing silent abscesses to diseases like glaucoma, high blood pressure, and early coronary disease. What the author meant was that abscesses are also silent invasions and don’t warn us of the danger to our bodies. I thought the analogy was quite descriptive. A stack of research demonstrates that quiet infections can increase the chances of events such as heart attacks, strokes, and brain abscess due to the bacteria and their toxins causing inflammation inside the bloodstream. 1,2 Whether silent or loud, when left alone, these infections can lead to osteomyelitis, cavernous sinus thrombosis, cellulitis, brain abscess formation, fasciitis of the neck or chest wall, and potentially sepsis. Even if those tragic events don’t occur, the infiltration of pathogenic bacteria and bacterial products activate the inflammatory response, which can compromise health.

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How To Treat An Abscessed Tooth?

Aftercare is an important aspect of incision and drainage treatment, and your dentist will instruct you on at home care steps you should follow. A few Important steps to take include:

Many people ask if a tooth abscess goes away on its own. The answer is absolutely no.

As mentioned above, abscesses most commonly occur when tooth decay is left to spread. Other possible reasons for infection include:

Dental Abscesses

An abscess can sometimes cause a pimple-like bump on the gums. If you press the pimple and it oozes out liquid, you are likely to have an abscessed tooth.

Your mouth naturally contains bacteria, and when not cleaned well, this bacteria forms plaque on your teeth and gums. Teeth infections develop when the acid produced by plaque starts to decay the teeth or gums.

Pus from this infection may appear at the gum line of the tooth, similar to an abscessed gum, but more commonly it ends up in surrounding tissue which becomes inflamed.

Abscessed Tooth

What an Abscessed Tooth Is, The Types, and How To Treat The Infection…

A dental abscess can form in a matter of a few days. This infection does not go away on its own. Without treatment, an abscess can continue for several months, possibly even years. Most abscesses cause intense tooth pain, indicating to a patient that prompt treatment is needed. Yet, some abscesses do not cause pain, but can be equally damaging to hard and soft tissues in the oral cavity.

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What you need to know about Dental Abscesses

Warm water rinses are a very effective way to clean the mouth and ensure drainage if an abscess suddenly bursts.

The teeth have a hard exterior, but inside the tooth is the pulp which ho blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves. In some cases, the pulp becomes infected, often resulting from:

Toothache is the main symptom of dental abscess. The pus accumulation and pressure on the tooth root cause pain. it is a throbbing and intense pain that usually starts suddenly and gets worse as time goes by. In some cases, especially in more advanced stages, the pain can radiate to the cheeks, throat, neck, or ear. The patient can suffer from this severe pain while eating or even while sleeping.

Dental Abscess

Abscessed Tooth Cause, Treatment, and At-Home Remedies

In higher tooth abscess stages, where the infection is spread to different parts of the body, the general immune response of the body against bacteria is fever. When the infection travels to other body parts than the oral cavity high temperature is among the symptoms.

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Symptom 2: swallowing or chewing difficulties

Eventually, the pus may create a tunnel through the bone and tissue, known as a ‘fistula’ or ‘sinus tract’. This allows the pus to drain, and looks like a pimple inside your mouth. If you see or feel something like this in your mouth, even if you haven’t experienced any other tooth abscess symptoms, you should consult your dentist. If pus starts to drain through the fistula, you’ll know about it from the foul taste.

Patients can feel this pain in different positions. The pain persists and even gets worse while lying down. When we lie down, blood circulation towards the head increases. This puts more pressure on the oral structures such as teeth. People with an abscessed tooth experience sleep disturbance due to throbbing pain.

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