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Having bedbugs or being concerned that you might have an infestation can also lead to mental distress, including insomnia and anxiety, Frye says.

To make things perfectly clear: Bedbugs are parasitic insects that bite people and eat their blood, which is unsettling enough on its own. But the bites can also cause irritating skin reactions.

You might notice rust-colored stains they leave behind on fabric or the exoskeletons they’ve shed. But often, the only recognizable sign that you’re dealing with a bedbug infestation is the itchy, red clusters of bites they might leave you with — as you can see in the below pictures of bedbug bites.

bed bug bites what do they look like

What do bedbug bites look like? Pictures to help you identify and treat them

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like? | Reader's Digest

Bug bites, eczema and even hives “can show up in different ways that are not always easy to spot,” Ungar explains. And it’s not easy for people who don’t have prior experience with them to figure out on their own what their skin is really trying to tell them.

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Signs you might have bedbugs

The bites can appear on any part of the body that’s exposed while you sleep — places like the back of your neck, shoulders, arms, and legs are common, says Steve Durham, president of EnviroCon Termite & Pest in Tomball, Texas.

Bedbug bites appear as swollen red spots that often itch, similar to mosquito bites. They can appear anywhere on the body that is exposed while sleeping.

The first thing to do, the experts agree, is to investigate whether or not you truly have bedbugs — which means calling in professional pest control.

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Bed Bug Bite Signs, Symptoms, Pictures and Treatment

The over-the-counter topical options are worth trying, Ungar says, but tend not to have much of an effect on bedbug bites. A dermatologist can prescribe stronger versions of those medications that are more likely to help, he says.

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How to treat bedbug bites

For most people, bedbug bites result in itchy bumps where the bite occurred, within a day of being bitten. (4) The bites usually look like mosquito bites and will appear as a somewhat swollen red spot that might itch. (1)

No, reactions to bedbug bites can vary from person to person. Some may have no reaction at all, while others may experience extreme reactions such as swollen arms or itchy rashes. Some may have an immediate reaction while for others it may be delayed.

Some signs you might notice include:

What Do Bedbugs Bites Look Like

How Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Transport Minister Clemente Beaune vowed to “reassure and protect” in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter. And, in a letter to Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, Paris Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Grégoire called on the government to take action against the “scourge” of bedbugs before the 2024 Olympics, NBC News reported.

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How to know if you have bedbugs:

Bedbugs can live in any dark, compact space, Kimsey says, like the folds along the seams or piping of a mattress or sofa.

Bedbug bites don’t normally require treatment by a doctor, though there are a few precautions you should take at home. (8) Start by cleaning the area with soap and water to lower your risk of infection and to relieve itchiness. If the bites are itchy, pick up a corticosteroid cream at your local drugstore and apply it to the area. The bites generally will heal within a couple of weeks. (9)

Chigger Bites vs. Bed Bug Bites: How to tell the Difference | The Healthy

Bed Bug Bites: Characteristics, Causes & Treatment

Videos of bedbugs crawling around the Paris Metro were published on social media this week along with reports of people seeing the critters in movie theaters and at Charles de Gaulle Airport, NBC News reported. With the Paris Olympics set to kick off next summer, worries about bedbug infestations in the city are mounting — and both tourists and residents are on high alert.

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What do bedbug bites look like?

“If there are a couple of adult bugs that are all feeding at the same time, you can probably have five to 10 bites that are from those two to three bugs,” he explains.

Some people develop allergic reactions to bedbug bites, which can include a fever, difficulty breathing, hives, or a swollen tongue. Others may develop an infection where the bite starts oozing pus. If you experience either of these reactions or you develop blisters where the bites occurred, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with a dermatologist.

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