Eczema Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

The symptoms you have and where they show up on your body vary from person to person. You might have one or more of these signs:

Allergies. Some people’s eczema flares up due to allergens like pet dander and dust mites. But lots of things can trigger eczema, including certain fabrics, soaps, and detergents. That means allergies may not be the reason your symptoms get worse.

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Conditions That Can Look Like Eczema but Aren’t

Síntomas del eccema (dermatitis atópica)

It is possible to have more than one type of eczema on your body at the same time. Each form of eczema has its own set of triggers and treatment requirements, which is why it’s so important to consult with a healthcare professional who specializes in treating eczema. Dermatologists can help identify which type or types of eczema you may have and how to treat and prevent flare-ups.

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Ringworm. Fungus causes this contagious infection, which can make ring-shaped patches slowly grow outward on any part of your skin. On light skin, these itchy patches can look pink or red. On dark skin they might seem brown or gray. But ringworm patches tend to be roundish with a wavy raised border, and with treatment their centers tend to clear up first.

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6 types of eczema: Symptoms and causes

Types of Eczema: Identification, Pictures, and More

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Both eczema and allergies can bring on dry, cracked, reddish skin and itching. But allergies can also give you symptoms like:

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7 Types of Eczema

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Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. The most common type of this rare blood cancer has an early stage that can bring on an itchy rash that may look like eczema. Another more aggressive type can bring on red, swollen skin that itches badly. If you have a rash like this that lingers or that seems like a “stubborn” case of eczema, see a dermatologist just to be sure.

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Hives. These red or pink welts can be large or small. They might show up alone or in a big group. Like eczema, they usually itch. Unlike eczema, they tend to go away within 24 hours — although new ones can quickly show up and may continue to do so for weeks or longer. Another difference is that hives can lead to swelling of your lips, eyelids, and throat.

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6 types of eczema: Symptoms and causes

Atopic eczema

Eczema is the name for a group of conditions that can make your skin irritated, inflamed, and itchy. Your doctor may call it atopic dermatitis, which is also the most common type of eczema. You’re more likely to get eczema when you’re a child, but adults can get it, too.

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Contact dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis. These are other types of eczema. Like the most common kind, atopic dermatitis, they can also irritate and inflame your skin and make it itch. Contact dermatitis could also cause burning pain and blisters. Seborrheic dermatitis often results in redness, swelling, and greasy scaling.

Acne. This skin condition can take several forms, including:

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