Flea Bites On Kids: How They Look, Treatment And Prevention

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Note: Buy anti-flea products that are labeled for a particular pet. It means if you buy a dog-oriented anti-flea product, use it only on dogs and not cats. Also, keep your child away from anti-flea products and pets that have just been treated. If they want to tend to the pet, ask them to wear gloves.

Fleas prefer to bite animals though they can bite anyone. Body heat, breathing, movement, and vibrations are factors that can attract fleas (10).

Flea Bites On Babies: Treatment and Prevention

Flea Bite

Flea Bites On Babies: Pictures, Treatment And Prevention

The intensity and severity of these symptoms may vary from one child to another. Additionally, children sensitive to flea bites may develop an allergic reaction, causing rash, hives, or central blisters (or weal) that may break and become oozy and crusted.

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Self-Care Guidelines

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4. Talk to your child’s school or day-care facility if you suspect that the child may be getting flea bites there. While the organizations take the necessary measures to locate and combat fleas, go a little further and dress your child in weather-appropriate clothes that cover their exposed body parts, such as arms and legs.

1. Locate the flea source and kill them with anti-flea insecticides. Extermination is necessary as fleas reproduce rapidly, and curbing their growth becomes extremely difficult. You can find fleas in your doormats, carpets, or couch. Alternatively, they can be on your furry pets, such as cats and dogs, and in your yard, construction sites, and woody areas with tall grasses.

Flea Bites That Look Like Mosquito Bites While mosquitoes don t have …

Flea bites on babies

Read on to know more about complications, treatment, and prevention of flea bites in children.

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You can clothe your child in full-arm shirts, socks, gloves, and trousers. Additionally, tuck in their shirt in their trousers and their trousers’ legs into their socks or shoes. Follow this practice even when you take your child to play outdoors.

The best way to prevent flea bites is to minimize your child’s exposure to them. Here are some measures that you can observe.

Flea Bite

3. Will fleas go away on their own?

You could also opt for spot-on formulations to remove fleas. These products are safer and easier to use than sprays and pills. So, check with your veterinarian. Besides this, comb your pet’s hair regularly using special flea combs, wash their bedding at least once a week with warm water, and maintain hygiene at home to help prevent flea infestation.

Fleas bite children and other humans or animals to survive and feed their offspring. Adult fleas feed on their host’s blood and their larvae feed on the dried blood found in the excrement of adult fleas (13).

Flea Bites On Kids: How They Look, Treatment And Prevention

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Flea control for pets includes:

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Signs & Symptoms

No. Fleas do not go away until and unless you disinfect the source. They have a long life cycle, so proper care must be taken to eliminate them completely (11).

Besides these, flea bites can trigger a localized or general allergic reaction in sensitive children. The intensity of these reactions depends on the child’s sensitivity. Some of the common manifestations of an allergic reaction that a child may show are

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