Fungus that looks like mosquito bites

Buruli ulcer is not known to be transmitted from person-to-person, however, household members of people with Buruli ulcer should self-monitor for any non-healing skin lesions and seek early medical assessment as they may have been exposed to the same environmental source.

Early recognition and diagnosis is important to prevent skin and tissue loss. See your doctor if you have a non-healing skin lesion and ask them to consider testing for Buruli ulcer.

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Buruli ulcer

Fungus gnats live in dark places where they can feed on decaying vegetation and fungi. They sometimes emerge from the soil in houseplants, terrariums, or greenhouses. If they become a nuisance, you can control them using adhesive traps (available at most home improvement and garden stores). You can prevent fungus gnats by allowing the soil in houseplants to dry out between watering.

The number of cases in Victoria varies widely from year to year, but numbers have been increasing to between 200 to 340 cases per year since 2017.

Most Buruli ulcers require treatment with a 6 to 8 week course of specific oral antibiotics. Surgery is sometimes used in combination with antibiotic therapy if required to promote healing.

Fungus that looks like mosquito bites

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In Victoria, up until recently the disease was most commonly reported in localised, coastal areas across the state. There have been three recognised levels of risk in Victoria where Buruli ulcer is endemic (constantly present in the community):

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Treatment for Buruli ulcer

PUVA, a type of ultraviolet light therapy, may be used to treat widespread disease. This therapy is given under the close supervision of a dermatologist. The major side effect of PUVA is a sunburn-type reaction. Other oral medications may be indicated. It is important to see a dermatologist and get the correct diagnosis and the appropriate therapy.

Crane flies are tan in color with long legs and slender bodies reaching 1 to 2 inches in length. The larvae live in moist soil, muddy water or decomposing material. Adult crane flies are sometimes called “Texas mosquitoes” or “mosquito hawks”, but are most commonly known as “mosquito eaters”. This is a misnomer because in actuality, crane flies do not eat adult mosquitoes. Some species of crane flies feed on nectar while others do not feed at all. These non-biting insects do not constitute a health problem but can create an annoyance when found inside homes or in large numbers.

Granuloma Annulare

Mosquito Bites

More recently, the disease has been observed to be spreading geographically across Victoria and is no longer restricted to coastal areas or specific locations. Since 2019, cases have been reported in the below locations suggesting these as emerging areas of local transmission:

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Prevention of Buruli ulcer

As most people do not have symptoms, treatment is not necessary. The spots on the skin generally disappear on their own without leaving scars. Within a few months, most lesions are gone. Occasionally, clearing takes years. If lesions are widespread or cosmetically undesirable, there are several treatment options. Your dermatologist may prescribe a steroid cream or inject steroids directly into the spot to help it disappear faster. Steroids can thin the skin and should be used according to your dermatologist’s directions.

Marin and Sonoma counties are home to numerous insects that closely resemble mosquitoes. Many of these insects emerge in large numbers during the early spring, causing the public great alarm. These insects can be annoying at certain times of year but unlike mosquitoes, they do not bite and cannot transmit disease. The District does not control these insects because they are not a threat to public health.

Fungus that looks like mosquito bites

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It is not known exactly how humans become infected. In Victoria, there is increasing evidence that mosquitoes and possums have a role in transmitting the infection.

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Symptoms of Buruli ulcer

In Australia, Buruli ulcer is known to occur in several states, including Queensland, the Northern Territory and Victoria.

Buruli (also known as Bairnsdale) ulcer is a skin disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium ulcerans. The toxins made by the bacteria destroy skin cells, small blood vessels and the fat under the skin, which leads to ulceration and skin loss.

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