Girl has plastic surgery to look like barbie?

Blyer vouches that while the branding is indeed “cute,” to say the least, the surgery package is in fact the real blond deal.

Meanwhile, Daniela Martinez, a 29-year-old bartender from Bayside, is getting the surgery as she’s “definitely looking for my Ken.”

In the video, Dalia could be seen posing next to her makeup artist, who tells her: ‘You look so beautiful, my dear. Like Barbie.’

Woman 'too hot to work' after $135k Barbie plastic surgery

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These days, some plastic surgeons are marketing packages promising to turn women in Barbies. One of them, Dr. Scott Blyer of Cameo Surgery Center in Long Island, New York, charges $120,000 for the “Dream Surgery.” Says Dr. Blyer: “You get picked up in a pink Corvette, get your hair blonde and your pink nails done. It comes with lymphatic massages after the surgery,” which includes a $19,000 tummy tuck, $16,500 breast implants and $4,500 neck liposuction. “Some people want lipo 360 with the BBL [Brazilian butt lift], some want a tummy tuck, some want a breast lift,” he says. “On their face, we can enhance their lips with fillers. We can make adjustments to their nose, with rhinoplasty or even a non-surgical rhinoplasty.” Dr. Blyer, who is certified by American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and two other boards, stresses that the procedures are not simultaneous and that his team does “limit our surgeries to be less than six hours.”

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As of yet, Evans hasn’t monetized her Barbie appearance, explaining that her agent has advised that “lookalike work is ‘niche’ but we hope the Barbie movie will change that.” Iglesias, on the other hand, claims she has made around $450,000 in total over the years from filmed appearances as Barbie, OnlyFans and Plastics of Hollywood, “a lifestyle brand for those who and are proud of their surgical transformations,” as stated on her wig-selling website. She also gives talks about her life story to inspire “others to follow their dreams, especially for the Latino community.”

I ve had 43 cosmetic procedures to become a Barbie doll lookalike – but critics say I look like a zombie

Plastic surgery addict spends £1k a MONTH to look like Barbie

Dr. Gregory A. Greco, the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, warns that “luring patients with promotional advertising that subjects them to a series of surgical procedures and quite likely unobtainable goals or expectations walks an ethical tightrope.” He references a procedure that is currently experiencing an uptick from Barbie and advises the usual precautions. “Phrases such as Barbie Botox, or trapezius ‘trap tox,’ is trending and offers a slimmer elongated neckline. This procedure is possible assuming the patient and provider have realistic goals and the medical procedure, risks, benefits and expectations have been fully explained. Any surgical procedure requires full informed consent and shared decision making,” he says, adding, “The surgeon should be a credentialed board-certified surgeon by a reputable board that is recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.”

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More On: barbie

Jazmyn has been open about her cosmetic procedures and is sharing her recovery on her popular TikTok page. While she has received lots of support from her followers, she also has to deal with viewers leaving comments calling her ‘sad’ and ‘fake’. Jazmyn hit back at the trolls saying she thinks every natural face is beautiful but she wanted to do the surgeries for herself. ‘Life’s short, I’d regret it if I didn’t,’ she said adding that she is ‘still the same person inside’. Jazmyn has also had a breast augmentation to fix a botched surgery she had when she was just 19. The Barbie-wannabe said her breasts had been her ‘biggest insecurity’ since she was 13 years old as they apparently had developed unevenly. She underwent surgery to fix them when she left school however she experienced complications and was left with one breast bigger than the other.

When asked why some women want to have this procedure, he offers his own theory: “Maybe they just feel like this is their Barbie inside and they just want to finally have the inside meet the outside.” Business is on an uptick, no doubt due to the movie. “This is definitely hot and we are getting a lot of inquiries from other countries; we’re doing virtual consultations,” Dr. Blyer says. He is also willing to turn males into Barbie’s counterpart, the Ken doll, for $110,000. “We just recently had a man from Ohio sign up for the Ken Package,” Dr. Blyer says of the procedures that include liposuction, six-pack etching, jawline filler and teeth whitening, on top of being chauffeured to and from surgery in a Corvette in a color of their choosing. “[This client] was brave enough to say, I want to [get a] Ken makeover. Today, I saw three male consults.”

The Women Who Became Human Barbies — And a Plastic Surgeon Who Wants to Make More of Them

She also anticipates the surgery will give her an edge when it comes to flipping properties as it will “definitely attract some new clients.”

“Who doesn’t want to be a perfect Barbie doll, especially in this day and age? Being told you look like Barbie is the ultimate compliment,” Alexa Tiefenworth — a 29-year-old real estate agent from Astoria who is investing in the procedure — told The Post.

There is also a male — or “Ken” — variation of body liposuction, six-pack etching, fat transfer to chest, in addition to jawline and cheek filler. The tally: $110 thousand.

I can turn you into a ‘plastic’ $120K Barbie doll— private parts included

Woman spends thousands on Barbie plastic surgery

“You walk out looking as close to Barbie as we could possibly do it. There’s some assembly required.”

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The presenter and actress revealed her latest look (pictured right) in a new video, with one critic commenting ‘Zombie’, while another said: ‘Devil Barbie’. Pictured left, before surgery

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