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There are six species of black flies in North America that feed on humans. Some other species may be attracted to humans, too. Although they do not bite, they can enter the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, causing a nuisance to people playing or working outside.

Anti-itch creams. You can also apply an anti-itch cream to the area to relieve itchiness and redness. These creams contain corticosteroids. This black fly treatment is helpful if you’ve had symptoms for a couple of days and they are causing you discomfort.

Black fly bites on humans look similar to a mosquito bite. They cause swollen bumps on the skin that are small and red in appearance. These bumps are also very painful and itchy, becoming fluid-filled blisters in some cases.

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They suck blood as a necessary part of their reproduction process. The female black fly has to suck blood from an animal and human prey to complete the reproduction cycle.

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What Harm Can Buffalo Gnats Cause?

Soap and water. Wash the area with mild soap and water. This cleans the area and lowers the irritation. Do not use a towel roughly on the area after washing it so you avoid making your symptoms worse.

Black flies (buffalo gnats) are small dark flies that come out during early summer and late spring. These flies belong to the Simuliidae family and are called buffalo gnats because they have a humpback appearance.

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Black flies bite humans and animals, causing nuisance, pain, discomfort, or even livestock death. They often bite people around their necks and heads.

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What Do Black Fly Bites Look Like?

Antihistamines. If you have irritation and itchiness at the site of the bite, you can use antihistamines to treat the allergic reactions. These medications are available over-the-counter (OTC). Follow the instructions correctly when using OTC medications.

Typically, black flies bite domestic animals and mammals, including humans. Buffalo gnat bites can cause itchiness and pain for many days.

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When black flies bite, they also release saliva, which causes toxic shock syndrome, killing the animal. Some black fly species also carry serious diseases, such as leucocytozoonosis, a condition found in chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.

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How Do You Treat Black Fly Bites?

Sometimes, black fly bites need medical attention. You should consult a doctor if:

If a massive swarm of black flies attacks birds, they can kill them too. They can also enter the livestock’s ears and noses, clogging their respiratory tracts. Incidents of this happening in chickens have been reported, and the animals died of suffocation.

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