Herpes that looks like paper cuts lyrics

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But other blacks — most of them older — say that “nigger,” no matter who uses it, is such a hideous pejorative that it should be stricken from the national vocabulary. At a time when they perceive a deepening racial estrangement, they say its popular use can only make bigotry more socially acceptable.

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Jesus Gun feat. Apathy, Celph Titled & Antihelden
[Verse 1:SirQlate]
Against (all) – I’d slaughter a American Eagle live on stage, because I got filled up with gas/fuel (Wordplay:in German the words for gas and liquor can be used in the same way) like a gas tank. SirQlate. No Beef. I will send a whole team of thai boxing dudes to fuck u up. Like a hooker with herpes I got no head for this (Wordplay:in German ‘I got no head’ means ‘I got more important things to do, than to think about minor problems’ so herpes/no blowjob – not giving head) all of you (rappers) are politically involved like a writer’s block (Wordplay:Criticism on rappers im Germany for not beeing politically active / not making statements about whats going on / the word for a writer’s block in German is similar to a sit-in – to protest against something / but a writer’s block of course is not an action or protest in any way) or batik bags (in German many left-wing wannabes had batik bags to show that they were kinda tolerant left-wing people but in most cases they just bourgeois) I’m making Molotov Cocktails out of Ardbeg Whisky bottles. When it comes to ‘whistle blower’ you guys are talking about Flo Rida (because of his radio hit single with that blow my whistle shit) but it is really about ‘giving rights’ like in Thor Steinar Stores (hard to translate wordplay:’Einräumen von Rechten’ in German can be used with a double meaning – 1. giving rights / entitle someone like having more freedom to decide 2. Rightists / Nazi / radical right-wing filling shelves / putting something in the right place. Thor Steinar is a Nazi brand, in Thor Steinar stores you can buy clothes, that only Nazis wear.) I see permanent lying and always submissive snitches behaving like topless bitches at a drug lords drug lab – the rap / hip hop scene (today)? Its only wannabe hard stuff in lines sold to Kids (wordplay:cocaine/lines – stuff/drugs) sounds paradox like to ‘go in a sit down strike’ (wordplay:in German it means kinda walk and sit at the same time)

Whether thoughtlessly or by design, large numbers of a post-civil rights generation of blacks have turned to a conspicuous use of “nigger” just as they have gained considerable cultural influence through rap music and related genres.

Herpes that looks like paper cuts lyrics

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One of America’s oldest and most searing epithets — “nigger” — is flooding into the nation’s popular culture, giving rise to a bitter debate among blacks about its historically ugly power and its increasingly open use in an integrated society.

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[Verse 2:Celph Titled]
My gun is like a cheating husband, ring off
You bet on your horse then my cheetah runs it, he’s off
If I ever get married I’m outlawing the in-law
She cooking every night and I’m breaking the bitch’s jaw
These AK rounds cut thrugh bricks
I sold you a brick of cut, so dick what’s up?
Experiment with guns name the project shoot
And leave you pussies leaking like a project roof
You the opposite of truth and it’s obvious you
Work a janitor job, you left a mop in a booth
Army of the Godz and official pistol spray you
Let chunks turn you dead fucks to schnitzel and spacey(?)

Some blacks, mostly young people, argue that their open use of the word will eventually demystify it, strip it of its racist meaning. They liken it to the way some homosexuals have started referring to themselves as “queers” in a defiant slap at an old slur.

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