How Can You Tell The Difference Between A Flea Bite And Mosquito Bite?

If you are suffering from flea bites, you may be experiencing what you see on the images. These flea bite pictures will help determine if you have been attacked by these little monsters. Please note that other issues, like allergic reactions or other bug bites, can also look like flea bites. If you’re unsure of the cause, you should have your doctor look at it. So what do flea bites look like? Take a look at the pictures below.

Since most flea bites are due to fleas brought into the home by pets, the best way to prevent being bitten is to prevent the fleas from getting on your pets.

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Flea bites on humans: What they look like and how to treat them

Flea Bite

Pictures of Flea Bites on Humans Symptoms and Treatments

If you suspect that your pet or home may have a flea infestation you can test the dark specks to see if it is flea feces. Moisten the suspected flea feces, and if it turns red or maroon, it is flea feces. (Flea feces is comprised of dried blood.) Another quick way to help you check for a flea infestation is to wear long white socks. Fleas like to jump on human feet, ankles, and lower legs. The insects are dark reddish-brown, and if they jump on you while you wear white socks they will be easier to see.

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Fleas are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of mammals and birds. There are an estimated 2,500 species of fleas in the world. The most common flea species in the U.S. is the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis, which also infests dogs and can bite humans.

If flea bites have occurred indoors, all sources must be treated for effective flea control. Carpets, pet bedding, and all rooms should be thoroughly vacuumed, and pets should be treated for fleas.

Flea Bites (In Humans)

What Do Flea Bites Look Like? Treatment for Humans & Pets

Flea control at home may be regulated by the following measures:

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Self-Care Guidelines

If you suspect your pet has been bitten, this next image illustrates what flea bites on dogs can look like.

Every case is different, depending on the extend of the bite area, so your bites may look slightly different.

What do Flea Bites Look Like – Flea Bite Pictures

Fleabites: Symptoms, causes, risks, and treatment

Flea control for pets includes:

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Flea bites can be very annoying to some people and others may have no symptoms at all. This is because some people are naturally immune to the bites. In others, the body produces histamine in reaction to the protein and enzymes in flea saliva. This causes itchiness, swelling, redness and other symptoms. Here are some steps you can take to treat flea bites and get relief from pain and inflammation:

After the feet, naturally, the fleas will start moving up to your ankles. The itching and scratching continues.

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