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Several years ago, multiple organizations stopped encouraging women to perform self-breast exams because there wasn’t enough data to indicate they had any benefit, and many women would perform the exams and get a false positive, which can also cause harm, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists explained.


Pictures of inflammatory breast cancer

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Dimpling of the skin is a common characteristic of IBC. It’s called Peau d’orange because it resembles orange peel.

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Orange Peel

Swelling in underarm or only on one side of neck

Bruising on the breast can be a symptom of inflammatory breast cancer.

Mammogram images: Normal, abnormal, and breast cancer

The 12 Breast Cancer Symptoms and Signs

This photo was taken on 12/4/20. The date of the official IBC diagnosis from the general surgeon. The blisters on the breast were caused by the adhesive in the bandages used after the excisional biopsy, the week prior.

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Flattened or discolored nipple

Breast cancer often has no symptoms, but you may notice something you want the doctor to check. Keep an eye out for:

A Visual Guide to Breast Cancer

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“Pick a date, because your breasts change with your hormones,” Kerger said. “And you should do it in the same manner, whether you’re in the shower, lying in bed, sitting up. . All of that changes what you’re feeling and where things are in your breasts, because breasts are mobile. It’s really important that, if you’re going to do something like that, to do it consistently.”

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However, there are also a lot of innocent reasons behind the lumps and bumps on your breast. Some can be cysts, which are collections of fluid, or fibroadenomas, which are benign and made up of tissue. Your breasts also contain lymph nodes, which Know Your Lemons says can “feel like soft beans,” and milk lobes, which “feel like soft peas.”

This lack of early detection can cause great emotional stress, so it is important that if you are diagnosed with IBC to understand your late stage diagnosis was not your fault. There is not a way to know you have IBC until the outward physical signs are presented.

Many women who have a breast removed choose to get reconstructive surgery. This replaces the skin, nipple, and breast tissue that are lost during a mastectomy. It can be done with a breast implant or with tissue from somewhere else in your body, like your tummy. Some women start the process right after their mastectomy. But you can also get it months or years later.

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A dimpling of the breast skin that looks like an orange peel (peau d’orange)

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National Cancer Institute: “Cancer Stat Facts: Female Breast Cancer,” “Immunotherapy to Treat Cancer.”

For years, doctors told women to check their own breasts once a month. But studies suggest these exams play a very small role in finding cancer compared to other testing methods. The current thinking is that it’s more important to know your breasts and be aware of any changes, rather than checking them on a regular schedule. If you want to do a self-exam, go over the technique with your doctor.

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