How to differentiate between rash from a mosquito bite and other skin rashes

”I guess it sounds strange, but I never thought about it till you asked,” Hague says. ”People seem to deal better with concrete facts, and you sort of don’t want to go there. You really don’t like to cast that shadow.”

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”What was it?” Anderson wondered. ”Was it something in the air that came and went?” She took the girls to their family doctor, who said it was probably a histamine reaction of some sort that would resolve itself and not to worry. But Anderson was still puzzled by her observation that the rash came out only at school and went away ”10 or 15 minutes after the girls left school.”

Itchy Bumps On Skin Like Mosquito Bites

Hysteria Hysteria

There are doctors, like Settipane, who believe that the best way to stop a psychogenic outbreak is to diagnose it as quickly as possible. But this approach can be risky. ”There are a lot of articles written that say you’ve got to just walk in and tell everyone, and it will stop,” Jones says. ”Well, that’s easy to write and very hard to do. It takes a while to exclude everything else, and that’s never going to be in the first 10 minutes.”

When it came to the mystery rash, though, the experiences of the two schools weren’t so different at all. Chapman’s outbreak started on Feb. 21. There, too, the rash came on abruptly and struck mainly girls. Lindsey Anderson, a fourth grader, was heading for lunch with her friend Dora late that morning when she spotted a knot of people in the front office, across from the cafeteria. Among them were three sixth-grade girls she recognized: her sister, Briana, and ”two girls named Cherish and Shelby, who everybody knows.”

Within the first few days, the Jackson County Health Department had combed through the school and found nothing to explain the rash. And Hartwig himself had been nervous enough to call in an outside environmental scientist. Investigators considered dozens of possible culprits — cleaning supplies, furnace filters, fiberglass particles in the air, pesticides sprayed in the local orchards, even supplies brought from home for a puppet-making project — but ruled out all of them.

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Still, there are tactful ways of handling what may be a psychogenic outbreak — experiments, of a sort, that also help to control it. In South Dennis, Mass., when several dozen, mostly female, students at Nathaniel H. Wixon Middle School came down with a rash over the course of about 10 days in late March, the school was closed and sanitized. Environmental investigators did air-quality tests and bacterial cultures, checked out the food service, looked into the possible local use of pesticides or fertilizers or of new chemicals in science labs — and came up with nothing.

Lindsey ducked into the office right away to see what was up, and so she was one of the first to hear that the three older girls had suddenly come down with an itchy rash. Proceeding on her way, Lindsey, who is a peppy and talkative girl with stick-straight blond hair, quickly became a messenger. In the cafeteria, she and Dora ”told everybody about it. And we told them not to scratch, because that made it worse. At first they’d say, ‘Eeeww, I don’t want it.’ And then after they heard more about it, they’d start scratching.” Pretty soon, Lindsey had a rash, too, and so did a friend of hers who was sitting at the lunch table, and so did a ”bunch of other kids eating lunch.”

Yvonne H. Chilcoat, a public health nurse who coordinated the county’s investigation, noticed something similar. People who interviewed the kids would ”observe the rash sort of evolve before their eyes,” she says. ”It would be there, and then you could actually see it fade away or reappear somewhere else on the body.” That was a signal thing about it — that and the fact that of the 67 children and 11 adults affected by it at Lincoln, 62 were female.

Rash reaction? Crossword Clue

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she ultimately found it implausible in such a large group of children. During the school-rash episode, Chilcoat exchanged e-mail with a public health nurse from St. Catherines in Ontario who had helped investigate a rash outbreak in an elementary school there last March and had concluded that it was probably ”hysterical.” But while the Ontario nurse, Heather Hague, confirmed to me that hysteria ”was one of our hypotheses,” it was not one, she says, that she ever shared with the

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Mosquito bites are not uncommon. In most people, mosquito bites may not cause much harm but they may spread diseases such as malaria and dengue. Mosquitoes complete their life cycle near stagnant water and, hence, are generally found in such areas.

Chapman was closed for a week of thorough cleaning. The state health department in Portland had told Graham that it wasn’t necessary to shut down, that there was no risk to the children. But Graham felt that was easy for the state doctors to say when they didn’t have to take calls all day from panicky parents wondering if their kids were safe. When school reopened the following Monday, some students were still complaining of a rash, an itch or both, but the symptoms subsided over the next two days.

How to differentiate between rash from a mosquito bite and other skin rashes

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affected children or their parents — or, indeed, with the public at large.

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”When I first noticed it was right during lunch,” recalled Nick, who was one of the few boys to get the rash. ”My friend Amanda, she started getting it, and she showed me hers. It was itching her real bad. And then I was messing around with her and touching it and stuff, and I started messing with my neck, and then my arms and legs started itching and I got it. It really burned.”

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