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✔️ Possible itching: This symptom depends on how you personally react to an insect bite, but some spider bites can cause the release of the compound histamine in your body, and that can cause itching, says Nick Kman, M.D., an emergency medicine physician at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

This spider’s telltale sign is the red hourglass shape on the bottom of its big, round abdomen — the back part of the body. Black widows are shiny and black and about half an inch long. You can find them anywhere in North America, but mostly they’re in the southern and western areas in the U.S. They like quiet, out-of-the-way places like closets, sheds, garages, and woodpiles.

For 2022, a total of 1,126 cases of the West Nile virus were reported across 42 states in the United States, according to the CDC. Symptoms appear 2 to 14 days after the bite and can include headaches, body aches, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and a skin rash. People with a more severe West Nile infection may develop meningitis or encephalitis and have symptoms including neck stiffness, severe headache, disorientation, high fever, and convulsions.

These pictures of the most common spider bites will help you figure out ...

Not Sure If You Have a Spider Bite? These Pictures Can Help You Figure It Out

Brown Recluse Spider Bite!

If you have known allergies to bug bites, talk with your physician about emergency care. Some people with severe allergies to bug bites need to have allergy medicine, including epinephrine (such as an EpiPen), with them always.

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What Do Bedbug Bites Look Like?

Even then, spider bites are still super scarce. You’re much more likely to get bit by other common house insects like mosquitoes, ants, or flies.

You might feel a little sting at first, but it’ll hurt more over the next 8 hours. You also might see a small white blister that has a red ring around it, like a bullseye. Sometimes, the skin in the middle of the bite can turn blue or purple, and you may have an open sore that gets bigger for up to 10 days. It doesn’t happen often, but some people also have other symptoms like fever, chills, rash, and an upset stomach.

“Once the toxin from the bite spreads throughout the body, it can also cause more systemic symptoms such as muscle cramps, weakness, fever, and can even progress to difficulty breathing, chest pain, or a fast heart rate if the bite is severe enough,” he continues. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms you should seek urgent medical care.

Spider Bites: What You Need to Know

Mites also cause the condition called scabies, which is contagious from person to person, notes the CDC. Female scabies mites burrow into the skin to lay eggs. When the eggs hatch, the larvae come to the skin’s surface. They begin to molt and then burrow back into the skin to feed. This results in a skin rash that may look like acne pimples and create intense itching that gets worse at night. You may also notice light, thin lines on the skin where the mites have burrowed, including between the fingers, in the bends at the wrists and knees, and under jewelry on the wrists and fingers.

At one point, these were thought to be really dangerous, like the brown recluse. But the past 15 years of research says they’re mostly harmless. You won’t get much more than some redness and mild pain, and maybe some swelling. They’re found in the Pacific Northwest, usually in places like woodpiles and retaining walls. They often have a light stripe running down the middle of their bodies.

The brown recluse—also known as the fiddleback or violin spider—has a distinct violin-shaped marking that starts at the top of its head and goes down its back. It’s also identified by its six eyes instead of the typical eight. It likes to hide in homes—preferably in dark, undisturbed areas like closets, shoes, or basements—and sheds, most commonly in the Midwest and southern states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What Bit Me? Spot These 13 Bug Bites

Hobo spider bite: Symptoms, treatment, and stages

In the U.S., there are two types of spiders that can cause more severe reactions: the brown recluse and black widow.

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Black widow spider bites

12) thegoodphoto / Thinkstock

Most spider bites are not poisonous and cause only minor symptoms like red skin, swelling, and pain at the site. Other spider bites are a real emergency. If you develop an allergic reaction to a spider bite, with symptoms such as tightness in the chest, breathing problems, swallowing difficulties, or swelling of the face, you need medical care at once. Because spider bites can get infected with tetanus, the CDC also recommends staying on top of your tetanus booster shots by getting one every 10 years.

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