I Have A Patch Of Red Dots On My Leg

However, since petechiae may be the result of a serious underlying condition it is best to consult your doctor when these spots appear.

If the red spots on the skin of your face are actually larger patches, your face might look “splotchy.” Red splotches on the face can be a sign of rosacea, a skin condition that causes redness or blushing across the face that comes and goes. It also causes a feeling of burning or stinging when applying water or skincare products to the affected areas. Rosacea can’t be cured, but treatment can help reduce symptoms.

Red spots on your skin can have many causes and you may not be able to figure out why you have them without seeing a provider. They can look at the appearance and severity of the rash, your medical history, and any underlying conditions you have.

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Leaking in the capillaries could be due to an illness or a medicine you take. Petechiae may also form on your face, neck, or chest if you strain intensely or for a long time when you do things like:

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What Does Petechiae Look Like?

Contact dermatitis usually shows up as an itchy red rash with bumps. It can also cause swollen, dry, flaky skin on any part of the body.

The only way to avoid getting petechiae is to try to prevent the various conditions that can cause it. Take good care of yourself:

5 effective home remedies to get rid of blood blisters

9 Common Rashes With Blisters

Petechiae are a sign of blood leaking from capillaries under your skin. Capillaries are the tiniest blood vessels that connect arteries to veins. They help move oxygen and nutrients from your bloodstream to your organs and tissues. They also carry waste away from your organs and tissues.

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Petechiae Diagnosis

Sometimes, it’s easy to figure out what caused the skin reaction—for example, you walked through some poison ivy. If you are not sure what caused the rash, your provider may want you to do a patch test to find out if you are allergic to something that caused the skin reaction.

Some spots will go away on their own, but others may need treatment.

Small red spots that look like blood blisters

Blood Blisters

Heat rash usually appears in skin folds or on areas of skin where sweat accumulates, such as the armpits, chest, back, arms, and groin.

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Heat Rash vs. Sun Rash

Atopic dermatitis is usually seen in children under the age of 5. It can usually be diagnosed by a provider through a physical exam.

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13 Causes of Red Spots on Skin

Lichen planus is not contagious. Sometimes it will clear up without treatment but it can also be a problem that comes back.

Heat rash can be treated by lowering the temperature of the skin using home remedies like cooling baths, cold compresses, and wearing loose-fitting clothing. It also helps to avoid slathering on thick moisturizers that trap heat against the skin.

Red spots on the skin can be caused by a chronic autoimmune disorder that affects the skin, like psoriasis. This condition is triggered by stress, medications, infection, injury, or environmental factors. A psoriasis rash is itchy and red with silvery plaques, most often on the elbows, and knees. The plaques form when the immune system overproduces skin cells.

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I Have A Patch Of Red Dots On My Leg

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