Insect contact dermatitis: Symptoms and treatment, prevention

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Hives, also known as urticaria , are raised, itchy, red patches or bumps on the skin. There can be just a few bumps or large red patches on the skin.

What Are the Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction to a Bed Bug Bite?

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Scabies needs to be treated with a prescription from a healthcare provider. Not only does the person who has scabies need to be treated, but so does everyone who lives with or has sexual contact with the person.

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Long COVID (Long-Haulers) Skin Rash

Treating bed bug bites can typically be done at home. Start by washing the bites with soap and water. Then apply an anti-itch cream. The bites should heal within one to two weeks.

By Patty Weasler, RN, BSN
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Fleas are tiny brown bugs the size of a pinhead. They feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals, including humans. Typically found on household pets like cats and dogs, the fleas can jump from the pets to humans.

Mosquito Bite Allergy Symptoms

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With so many causes of itchy, mosquito-like bumps, it can be hard to identify the source. The common sources are insect bites, previous illness, or contact with a skin irritant or allergen (a normally harmless substance that provokes an allergic reaction).

A contact dermatitis rash can vary in appearance. It can appear as a red, itchy patch on the skin or as small itchy, fluid-filled blisters.

What Causes Itchy Bumps on Skin That Aren’t Mosquito Bites

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If you cannot narrow down the cause, you should contact a healthcare provider. A healthcare provider can review your health history and determine if testing is necessary. Having a correct diagnosis will help you get started on the right treatment and provide faster healing.

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In some cases, contact dermatitis may require you to use a corticosteroid prescription from a healthcare provider.

Dyshidrotic eczema , also known as pompholyx , is a skin condition that causes small, incredibly itchy bumps on the hands or feet. The bumps are fluid-filled blisters that usually last for three to four weeks.

Itchy bumps on the skin rarely require someone to contact pest control. The one exception is for bed bugs. Bed bugs can be removed without pest control, but it can be difficult since they are such good hiders and may be resistant to pesticides. A pest control company will have the right equipment and know where to look to remove the bed bugs.

Insect contact dermatitis: Symptoms and treatment, prevention

7 Common Bug Bites & How To Identify Them

Many conditions that look like mosquito bites can cause itchy bumps on the skin. They include other types of bug bites, infections, or skin irritations. Just about everyone at some point will have an itchy bump on their skin that isn’t from a mosquito bite. This article will cover seven common causes of itchy mosquito-like bumps and how to treat them.

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What Causes Itchy, Mosquito-Like Bumps?

Many causes create itchy, mosquito-like bumps. Below are seven conditions that include both bug bites and skin conditions that cause bumps that could be misdiagnosed as mosquito bites.

People who have had COVID-19 can develop a skin rash. The rash may be hives with itchy bumps. A healthcare provider can help a person determine if their rash is from a COVD-19 infection or from another source.

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