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Not so fast. “People wake up in the morning and find a red mark, and immediately call it a spider bite,” says Rick Vetter , a retired staff research associate and entomologist at the University of California, Riverside. But most of the skin issues people pin on spiders are actually other types of bug bites or skin issues, he says.

This occurs when the bacteria disseminate beyond the skin through blood and lymph vessels, causing a systemic (whole-body) infection. Some of the possibly life-threatening complications include:

Spider bites and MRSA are sometimes particularly difficult to tell apart, especially in the early stages when symptoms are just starting to emerge.

These pictures of the most common spider bites will help you figure out ...

Spider Bite

Spider Bites: Symptoms, Treatment, and How They Look

This is why it is important to monitor any suspected spider bite for changes in its appearance or numbers. It may not end up being a spider bite at all. And if it’s MRSA, fast treatment is needed.

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Number of Bumps

With that said, certain MRSA strains are harder to treat and may not respond as quickly or as well. In such cases, you would need to see a healthcare provider if:

Both MRSA and spider bites can lead to serious complications. With spider bites, complications are related to how venomous the particular spider involved is and/or how vulnerable or sensitive you are to the venom. With MRSA, the concern is related to the dissemination (spread) of the infection internally.

Identifying and Treating Spider Bites

What does a spider bite look like pictures and symptoms

Broadly speaking, a spider’s bite tends to resemble a bee sting: a sharp prick of pain is followed by a red, inflamed skin lump that may hurt or itch but that goes away after a few days. (1) But when it comes to venomous spider bites, there are characteristic signs and symptoms.

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How to Identify Which Spider Bit You

But when it comes to common household spiders, hobo spiders, and other domestic varieties, a spider’s bite has some predictable characteristics.

You spot an angry-looking red welt on your leg, and it seems too big to be a mosquito bite. Must be a spider bite, right?

Is It a Spider Bite or MRSA Staph Infection

How to treat a spider bite and when to seek medical attention

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Should your child see a doctor?

MRSA is easily spread by skin-to-skin contact or contact with a contaminated object or surface. Being aware of and treating an infection as early as possible is important not just for your health, but that of those around you.

While spider bites tend to be solitary, it is possible to get a few separate bites at once.

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