I’ve had this discolored rash on my ankle for about 4 or 5 months. Just …

Discoloration of the skin is characterized by darker or lighter markings on skin. Our skin contains melanin that is responsible for the color of our skin. However, it also means that the pigmentation of our skin can sometimes become uneven with an increase or decrease in melanin, leading to discoloration of the skin.

This group of skin conditions causes inflammation that leads to dry and itchy patches of skin. Symptoms are different for everyone, but your skin could look brown, purple, or gray if it’s darker. Lighter skin turns red.

Using certain medications and going out in the sun can cause a skin reaction that looks a lot like a sunburn. It can also happen when you use hydrocortisone cream longer than suggested. Be sure to read the label to find out if you should avoid sun exposure.

Discolored Skin Patches: Pictures, Causes, and Treatments

Skin discoloration: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments & Preventions


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Causes of Skin Discoloration

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Discolored patches of skin, including birthmarks, pigmentation defects, rashes, and infections, are normal and have many causes. Some causes are innocuous, but medical treatment will be needed for others. The skin contains melanin, which is the pigment that gives skin its color. Having more melanin darkens the skin, while fewer melanin results in lighter skin. Skin and skin color are both responsible for melanin. Discolored skin patches are noticeable because they differ from a person’s normal skin tone. They can be lighter, darker, or a different color, such as red, gray, or blue. People with this symptom need to understand the cause of their discolored skin patches in case treatment is necessary.

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This condition is caused by the same virus that gives you chickenpox. The rash looks like blisters on one side of your body or face. You may notice pain or itching early on in a shingles outbreak. Later symptoms include skin discoloration.

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I've had this discolored rash on my ankle for about 4 or 5 months. Just ...

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