Joe Hottinger

There’s a huge difference between saying: “Hey babe, you are my first and foremost everything and I’ll be bummed if you go.” And saying: “Welp, you accepted that job in Seattle, so I’m just gonna chug a bunch of nightshade and call it a life.”

Joe Hottinger:
Yeah, yeah. It was Nirvana that made me want to play guitar. Kurt was like my first music hero, you know?

Joe Hottinger:
Yeah, that was ’97 until I graduated in 2000, and went to college in James Madison in Virginia for three years and I think I was in two different bands down there. I knew more music people in Philly, so I kind of quit college, moved to downtown Philly. It was like the first week I was there, I answered an ad in Origivation Magazine, which is like the local music rag. It was just in all of the music shops.

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50 Cent himself may not be the world’s greatest partner — for example, according to one of his exes, he’s done some pretty unforgivable things.

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But there is a love song that is truly, madly, deeply perfect. An unassailable track in a sea of problematic faves.

Joe Hottinger:
I don’t want to settle. That’s my thing. I’m not settled right now. I’m totally freaked out about the next record because I’ve written a whole bunch of stuff and I don’t think any of it’s good enough and it’s freaking me out. On one hand, I’m glad we have a lot of time right now, but whatever. It’s like this every record. You start out, you dive in, and realize that nothing is good enough, and then you have to have a reckoning and figure out what the hell. Then, it starts happening. I don’t know.

Joe Hottinger:
Like that idea of this big character. Lzzy’s a big character. She’s this ferocious hard rock frontwoman that screams her ass off and plays an Explorer. It’s awesome. What would she say? Those sort of ideas are some of the big concept things. She’ll sit down with some of my riffs and instrumentals. I’ll program drums and put bass and maybe do some organ or synthesizer shit, you know? I like to-

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Yes, when you break it down, “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” is less of a passionate tribute to love overcoming distance and more the deluded ramblings of a guy who needs to convince himself he’s “good” despite all evidence to the contrary.

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“Leaving on a Jet Plane,” by John Denver

Sure, you can write the lyrics down, but it doesn’t even come close to capturing the heartache. The yearning. The delicious, delicious pain-belting:

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Word of advice? Regardless of how she’s walking, the lady knows she’s sexy. Even if she doesn’t, it really doesn’t affect her day-to-day so much that you, a complete stranger, need to shout it at her (even over a funky disco snare).

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“Treasure,” by Bruno Mars

Evan Ball:
Were you being heavily scouted? Or was this something that was fairly unexpected?

Joe Hottinger:
We’re planning on taking this time to write anyway. We were supposed to start at the beginning of March and we did. We have been writing, so this is all going according to plan. Not really, but the rhythm section can’t. Lzzy and I live together, so we’re just here doing music and putting puzzles together and watching movies. Thank God it’s so nice to be with someone who’s so creative like she is. It’s inspiring. I don’t think we’ve tapped into our groove yet writing. We’re still fighting digging that whole and trying to get to the point of it all, but we’ve got time, so it’s all right.

Joe Hottinger

Partition pour

But there is such a thing as loving someone a skosh too much.

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“God Only Knows,” by The Beach Boys

Joe Hottinger:
When I joined?

Evan Ball:
What about style-wise? Was this similar to what you had been doing before with previous bands?

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