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Chickenpox spots will continue to pop up in clusters on different parts of the body for three to five days. A person is contagious until all of the blisters have scabbed over.

Learning how to tell if you have bed bug bites or chicken pox can be done by knowing the symptoms associated with both. Identifying the symptoms will help you to determine the right action plan, preventative measures, and treatment for whichever is causing the red patches on your body.

Tick bites tend to be painful, large red bumps. Therefore, you need to monitor these bites for a large red target, which could mean a serious tick-borne illness.

Chickenpox: Overview and More

What Does Chickenpox Look Like

Chickenpox: Signs, Symptoms, and Complications

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Chickenpox sores don’t appear quite as red on darker skin tones. The exact shade of red will depend on the skin tone. The sores will be bumpy and itchy.

Bed bug bites will appear as simple red patches or bumps. Those allergic to bed bug bites may develop blisters or uncontrollable itching. The bites may start to disappear on their own within days.

Bug Bites vs. Chicken Pox: How To Tell the Difference

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Mosquitoes are common, especially in the summer months. These bites are usually a solo red bump that is raised off the skin. They’re one of the larger bites left behind by bugs, and a more severe reaction will cause intense swelling and pain.

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Prevent Scars and Stop the Itch

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The best part is they go on clothes, not on skin. There might be lotions out there that claim calming qualities, but whose kid keeps lotions on long enough to be effective? These stickers are fun designs, and they won’t even notice they’re wearing them.

Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers may be given, especially in cases of fever. It will also relieve a lot of the discomfort that comes with fevers and viruses, so your child can relax.

Chicken Pox or Bed Bug Bites? How to Tell the Difference

What is Chickenpox (Varicella) | Health Life Media

After 12 to 24 hours, papules turn to watery blisters that are extremely itchy. The blisters often pop and release fluid that is highly contagious. Blisters that do not pop will turn cloudy as they dry out and crust over. It takes about four or five days for chickenpox sores to scab over.

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Before the Rash Appears

With chicken pox comes irritated and fluid-filled blisters. Once the rashes appear, they will go through raised red or pink bumps, to small fluid-filled blisters, then turn to scabs and crusts before it heals.

When mosquitoes bite, they leave behind saliva. It is the proteins in their saliva that cause us that itchy sensation. At the first sign of a bite, apply one of our patches directly to the bump. The patch technology will suck the saliva up to the top of the skin.

With chicken pox, it is necessary that you contact and consult your doctor immediately. This is to get the proper medication and educate you on how to prevent possible complications and avoid infecting others in your home.

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