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Chlamydia affects more than 1.5 million Americans each year; infection is most common in teens and young adults (aged 15-25) with new or multiple sexual partners, particularly if protection with condoms is inconsistent. Reinfection of chlamydia happens easily if a sexual partner is not treated.

Seek medical care if there is any chance you are infected with chlamydia, whether or not you have symptoms. As previously noted, sexually active women should have an annual check for infection.

However, most people with an STI won’t have sores, discharge, or any other symptoms worth noting. The only way to know for sure if you have an STI is to get tested and diagnosed by a healthcare provider.

Straight, No Chaser: The Most Common STD

Chlamydial Infections

Chlamydia Symptoms, Pictures, Treatment | STD Chlamydia

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This article and the following STI pictures are intended to provide you some idea of what to look for. They are not meant to diagnose your condition or serve as a substitute for proper medical care.

Pictures and Facts About STDs

Syphilis chancres are reasonably easy to spot on the external genitals and will usually heal on their own in three to six weeks. This does not mean the underlying infection has disappeared.

Chancroid is a bacterial STI rarely seen in the United States. Worldwide, chancroid infections are on the decline, although infections still occur in parts of Africa and the Caribbean. As such, infection is possible if you engage in sexual activity while in these regions or have sexual contact with someone from these regions.

Symptoms usually develop within four to 10 days of exposure. The rash will begin as a tender, elevated bump filled with pus. The bump can erupt into an ulcerative sore similar to a chancre, albeit with ragged rather than smooth edges. Unlike syphilis, the sores will be painful.

STI Pictures: Chlamydia, Genital Warts, Pubic Lice & More

Chlamydia pictures

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis, which affects the genital tract if acquired through vaginal sex, or the mouth or anus if acquired from oral or anal sex. Chlamydia is spread through unprotected sex with an infected person; it can also be spread to a baby during childbirth. Chlamydia is typically a “silent” infection, meaning it may have mild or no symptoms. However, chlamydia is the leading cause of infertility, as permanent damage may be done to a woman’s reproductive tract. In men, chronic infection can lead to sterility.

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Who’s At Risk?

A test will be done on the urine or from fluid from the penis or vagina or cervix. The medical professional may also want to test for other STIs.

Oral herpes can be easily transmitted through kissing. They can also be passed to a partner’s genitals during oral sex. While most people think of HSV-1 as an oral infection, it can easily become a genital infection if condomless oral sex is performed.

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