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For the record, scabies is a skin infestation that’s caused by a mite known to science as Sarcoptes scabiei. They are tiny, virtually invisible, eight-legged mites that share the same lineage as spiders and ticks.

In either case, you need to take action immediately and kill the scabies or bed bugs. Scabies mites are highly contagious, so if you have had prolonged contact with someone who is infected, there’s every likelihood that you, too, could become infected. If you suspect that you have been bitten by scabies, schedule a quick visit your doctor right away. Then, get straight to work on getting rid of the scabies from your home!

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Even though bed bug bites resemble scabies bites, they are a bit different.

If you think are you are infected with scabies, your doctor will be able verify that quickly. Fortunately, there are a number of medications ̶ including anti-inflammatory drugs ̶ that can be used to successfully treat the infection.

How to Identify Scabies (With Pictures)

Treating crusted scabies is more challenging, and treatment may last for several weeks or longer if necessary. People with crusted scabies may be prescribed both a scabicide and another mite killer called benzyl benzoate, along with a keratolytic cream, which helps reduce crusting of the skin and allows for better absorption of permethrin or benzyl benzoate.

A less common and more severe type of scabies called crusted or Norwegian scabies happens when an exceptionally large number of mites invades the skin. There may be hundreds or thousands of mites compared with only 10 or 20 in typical scabies. People with crusted scabies develop thick crusts of skin that contain mites and eggs. They may or may not experience itching and a rash.

If you suspect you might have scabies, see a dermatologist promptly. He or she will check for signs of mites and may take a skin scraping from the area and look for mites and their eggs under a microscope.

Bed Bug Bites On Person’s Back Photograph by Science Photo Library

Scabies is treated with prescription medications called scabicides, which kill the mites. Permethrin 5% is the most commonly prescribed scabicide. While these medications kill mites quickly, the itching may last for several weeks. Skin usually heals within four weeks.

The scabies rash takes the form of small, red bumps that may look like pimples, bug bites, hives or knots under the skin. You might be able to see the burrow tracks created by the mites, which appear as raised lines of tiny blisters or bumps. Some people develop scaly patches that resemble eczema.

Scabies has nothing to do with poor personal hygiene or dirty surroundings. In truth, anyone can get it. People who are more vulnerable to contracting scabies include:

Bed Bug Bites On Person’s Back Photograph by Science Photo Library

Some scabies patients may be prescribed additional medications such as an antibiotic (if an infection is present) and medications to help control itching, such as a steroid cream and antihistamine.

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Scabies is transmitted by prolonged skin-to-skin contact with someone who has it. A quick hug or handshake is unlikely to spread scabies; you’re more likely to get it from a member of your household or through sexual activity. You can also contract scabies by touching personal items that someone with scabies has used, such as towels, furniture, bedding and clothing, though this mode of transmission is less common. You cannot get scabies from an animal that has mites.

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