Skin Rashes Types and Causes in Children

“Patients with rosacea have very sensitive skin. Their skin gets easily irritated by sunlight, cold wind, and irritating skin products. As a result, their skin can turn red and form small. temporary pink bumps and pustules that look like acne, but are actually bumps of inflammation,” said Downes.

If you’re prone to pimples on your body, you may mistake chickenpox for just another breakout. However, the virus will usually eventually cause fever, aches, and pains.

Prevention includes showering after exercise or hot tub use to remove sweat and bacteria, as well as using gentle antibacterial soap on affected areas. Treatment options range from topical antibacterial agents and anti-yeast medicines to oral medications.

Skin Conditions That Look Like Acne | Reader's Digest

Red rash around your mouth could be perioral dermatitis

Skin Conditions That Look Like Acne | Reader's Digest

Sebaceous hyperplasia takes the form of small bumps that grow in hair follicles with enlarged sebaceous glands. Though it is technically considered a tumor, sebaceous hyperplasia is totally harmless and not cancerous.

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Sebaceous hyperplasia can look like large pimples.

As long as lesions remain on the skin, an individual can spread monkeypox via sores and bodily fluids, Insider has reported.

While this rash often develops around the mouth, it can also appear around your eyes or nose. You may have the rash around your mouth and nose or your nose and eyes.

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What Causes a Rash Like Acne on the Face

Though most staph infections are minor and will clear up on their own, some can lead to life-threatening conditions such as septicemia or an infection of the inner lining of the heart. If you suspect you have a staph infection or have a skin lesion that isn’t getting better, head to your doctor for a diagnosis.

Perioral dermatitis causes a rash, which often looks like acne.

These benign growths often appear reddish with a hint of yellow or white, Potozkin explained. They tend to be inherited and most commonly appear on the face of older adults, though they can occur at any age.

12 skin bumps that look like pimples but aren t

What Skin Rash Looks Like Pimples | Allergy Differences

You may be able to get rid of this rash on your own. To clear perioral dermatitis, you must stop applying all corticosteroids, including hydrocortisone cream, to your skin.

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Is perioral dermatitis contagious?

When you stop applying a corticosteroid or hydrocortisone cream, the rash can worsen. If this happens, it can be tempting to start using the cream or ointment again. Don’t. Using it again will only bring temporary relief. Each time you stop applying it, the rash can flare.

Treatment for skin rashes that look like acne on the face varies depending on the underlying condition that causes it.

Dr. Pimple Popper Reveals the Acne You Shouldn’t Pop | Reader’s Digest

Acne like rash/spots

Many people develop this rash when they apply a corticosteroid medicine to their skin for too long. That’s why it’s so important to follow the directions for taking medications. Be sure to follow the directions on medications that you can buy without a prescription and your doctor’s instructions for using all medications.

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What causes perioral dermatitis?

It’s also possible that if you continue to apply the corticosteroid medication, it will eventually cause the rash to worsen each time you apply it.

There is no cure for keratosis pilaris, but the condition is harmless and does not require treatment unless it itches or the appearance is bothersome. In some cases, it will go away on its own even without treatment. Treatment for skin rashes that look like acne on the face caused by keratosis pilaris may include:

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