Stage 1 Breast Cancer Overview

You have a tumour, but it is less than 2 centimetres in size. Cancer cells have spread to 1-3 lymph nodes in the armpit.

Stage 1 breast cancer is considered early-stage, localized cancer and is highly treatable and survivable. The five-year relative survival rate for breast cancer found and treated in the localized stage is 99%, according to the American Cancer Society.

Everything About 5 Stages of Breast Cancer With Treatments

Breast Cancer Symptoms By Stage (1-4)

Stages 0 & 1 Breast Cancer Overview

In this stage, it is still possible to not experience symptoms prior to diagnosis. However, there are still signs to look for that, while they are not surefire indicators of breast cancer, warrant a visit with a health care professional. These include:⁵

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Stage 4 Breast Cancer

NBCF offers a free Mammogram 101 resource that helps you learn more about and prepare for a mammogram.

Common radiation side effects include fatigue, skin irritation (redness, peeling, or itchiness), and swelling of the breast or arm.

Stage 1 Breast Cancer Overview

If you are diagnosed with Stage 2A breast cancer, it means that one of the following can be applied to you:

Breast cancer may be stage IV when it is first diagnosed, or it can be a recurrence of a previous breast cancer that has spread.

You have a tumour of between 2 and 5 centimetres in size, but the cancer has not yet spread to the lymph nodes.

Stages of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Stages: What Do They Mean? | Christ Memorial

There are five stages of breast cancer, starting at zero and going up to four. (They are represented by the Roman numerals I, II, III, and IV.) There are several variables within some stages.

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When and how does my doctor determine the stage of my breast cancer?

At stage 3, other symptoms may appear depending on where the cancer has spread. If it has spread to the skin, patients may experience a new lump, additional redness and swelling, and possible ulcerations.

Other times, there is no actual tumor found in the breast of a person with Stage 1B breast cancer; instead, cancerous cells are found only within the lymph nodes close to the breast.

Stage IV is the most advanced stage of breast cancer. It has spread to nearby lymph nodes and to distant parts of the body beyond the breast. This means it possibly involves your organs — such as the lungs, liver, or brain — or your bones.


Breast cancer; causes, symptoms, and treatment

Mature woman doing self breast exam at home Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a time to educate patients on early testing and breast cancer detection. Breast cancer symptoms should be understood, as well as how the disease progresses by stage. Patients may ask: Does the staging of breast cancer affect symptoms?

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What Are the Stages of Breast Cancer?

You have a tumour, and it is between 2 centimetres and 5 centimetres in size, and the cancer has spread to 1-3 lymph nodes in the armpit.

Chemotherapy is rarely used to treat Stage 1 or other early stages of cancer. But in some cases, it is used post-surgery to reduce the chances of the cancer coming back.

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Stages 0 & 1 Breast Cancer Overview

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