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Blyer vouches that while the branding is indeed “cute,” to say the least, the surgery package is in fact
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However, Barbie’s widespread popularity and status as a cultural icon have also made her the subject
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The nose, which is one of the most important organs affecting your appearance, forms the basis of the
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He once was world’s most tattooed man. At the age of 73, Tom Leppard now lives in a small cabin on the
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“Those who are unsatisfied with what I do and critique me and offend me clearly don’
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8. Dakota Rose, a young YouTuber in Japan, was picked up by a Japanese talent agency when one of her
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After: The 25-year-old travelled all the way to South Korea to get a nose job and a forehead reduction –
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Later, the star had to work out for six months to get in shape for Batman Begins. He gained 100 pounds
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I’m losing the patience to keep writing paragraphs so here is a list of more idols I was blown away by
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‘As parents we are happy because though he is small, he has become the Filipino Superman.