Can rashes look like bruises?
HSP can cause intussusception. This is when one part of the bowel slides into another, blocking and cutting
What do viral rashes look like?
Mayo Clinic: “Mononucleosis,” “Zika Virus Disease,” “Roseola,” “Measles,” “Rubella,” “Hand-foot-and-mouth
What rashes look like ringworm?
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Baby rashes that look like measles?
The main symptom of rubella is a spotty rash that starts on the face or behind the ears and spreads to
Rashes that look like poison ivy but arenal volcano?
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Childhood rashes that look like chicken pox?
There are about 50 spots in total, varying in size from about 1mm to 1cm. Some are 1cm to 3cm apart
Rashes look like?
Many of these rashes can be resolved with proper treatment, except in the case of inside-out rashes caused
Other rashes that look like herpes?
Several conditions can present with symptoms similar to those of genital herpes. These may include BV
What other skin rashes look like ringworm?
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What does hiv skin rashes look like?
These could be signs of Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a severe form of hypersensitivity reaction.