The 3 Types Of Burns

When the skin is subjected to stretching beyond its elasticity it results in stretch marks. It is a common problem seen . Read more

Stretch marks are caused because of rapid stretching of skin that results in scars and discolouration of the skin. There . Read more

Figure 1 from Cigarette burns in forensic medicine. | Semantic Scholar

Scars from Cuts and Burns from Cigarettes on the Arm, Mental Problems …

Cigarette Burn Scars In Self-harm Photograph by Dr P. Marazzi/science ...

1. Use a liquid facial cleanser containing ceramides, lipids that help skin retain moisture.2. Try creams containing r . Read more

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It is often said that stretch marks are nature’s badge of achievement. They showcase that you have experienced morning s . Read more

In addition, burns in multiple sites or those in patterns consistent with the following mechanisms of injury are indicative of abuse:

Scars from Cuts and Burns from Cigarettes on the Arm, Mental Problems …

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Ever since i can remember i have always had these marks on my legs that look like self-harm cigarette burn scars but i have never been burned by a cigarette or burnd myself with one, are the marks just like birth marks or a skin condition?

Stretch marks, also called striae, happen when your skin changes shape rapidly due to growth or weight gain. They aren’t . Read more

Burn Marks of Child Abuse

Cigarette Burn Scars In Self-harm Photograph by Dr P. Marazzi/science ...

Burn injuries can be of different types and can impact the patient differently. Though the intensity of the burn is the . Read more

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Causes and Treatments for Stretch Marks

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Cultural Practices:
In cupping, a heated cup is inverted on the skin, typically on a child’s back, creating a suction force from the cooling and contracting air thought to “draw out” the ailment. Look for circular burns from the heat and central ecchymosis and petechiae from the suction effect.

Moxibustion is used in Asian cultures for a variety of symptoms including fever and abdominal pain. It involves rolling pieces of moxa herb (mugwort or Artemisia vulgaris) or yarn into a small cone, igniting it on the skin over acupuncture points, and allowing it to burn until the onset of pain. The lesions of moxibustion appear as a pattern of 5–10 mm discrete, circular, target-like burns that may be confused with cigarette burns from child abuse.

Weird burn scarlike marks on skin

How do I Treat a Cigarette Burn? (with pictures)

Information has been excerpted from VisualDx clinical decision support system as a public health service. Additional information, including symptoms, diagnostic pearls, differential diagnosis, best tests, and management pearls, is available in VisualDx.

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Look For

Greetings. There can be few medical conditions associated with such presentation and should be ruled out by meeting a Dermatologist. The information provided is limited. A thorough history and clinical examination will be helpful. A photograph will add in obtaining better recommendations.

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The 3 Types Of Burns

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