What an infected burn looks like, and how to tell if your burn is infected

A second-degree burn is considered severe when it can potentially cause a loss of function in the part of the body burned. When emergency healthcare providers determine the severity of a burn, they look to determine the extent of the body burned.

Third-degree burns can take months to heal and typically require skin grafts. Skin graft surgery removes healthy skin tissue from one area of the body and attaches it to the burn. It takes at least a month for a skin graft to heal, and after that, you may need physical therapy. Severe third-degree burns can take a year or longer to heal and will likely cause significant scarring.

Second-degree burn: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Burn Pictures: A Close Look at First, Second, and Third Degree

2nd-Degree Burn: What It Looks Like, Treatment & Healing

This electrical burn is a second-degree burn because it has a blister. The burn went through the top layer of skin down into the second layer of skin. When that happens, the two layers separate, making a blister.

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Third-Degree Burn on Foot

Second-degree burns can develop over time if not treated promptly. Skin tissue continues to burn even after the heat source is gone. It’s similar to how steak continues to cook when taken off the grill. If you want the skin to stop burning, you’ll have to actively cool it down.

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What an infected burn looks like, and how to tell if your burn is infected

2Nd Second Degree Burn Healing Process Pictures

Most electrical burns are thermal, or heat burns from arcs. Arc-blasts are the blinding white sparks that jump across wires. They generate heat at thousands of degrees Fahrenheit and burn instantly.

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How to Treat First, Second, and Third Degree Burns

Place the burn area under cool running water to stop the burning process. Then, flush the area with water for 20 minutes to return the tissues to their normal temperature.

The muffler burned the skin on the arch of the foot all the way through the inner layers of the skin and into the subcutaneous tissue beneath, or the layer of tissue underneath the skin.

Does This Look Bad: 5 Signs of Infected Burn

Second degree burns | Second degree burn treatment

Blisters are the most common sign of a second-degree burn. Most symptoms of a second-degree burn are similar to first-degree burns. However, second-degree burns will also have:

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Second-Degree Burn With Sloughing

Burn wound after-care is an essential part of a complication-free recovery. However, even when doing everything right, something can still go wrong. At Burn and Reconstructive Centers of America, we work around the clock with our patients to ensure a smooth recovery back to a healthy life. Whether you’re at home healing from a burn or supporting a loved one, it’s important to know the signs of a healthy wound bed and the symptoms of burn infection.

Finally, any chemical or electrical burn has the potential to be far more serious than it may appear on the surface. In both cases, seek professional help in treating such burns.

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