Stage 3 breast cancer can be categorised into three groups: Stage 3A, Stage 3B, and Stage 3C. Doctors use a staging system to determine which of these groups the cancer falls into. This is determined by the size of the tumour and whether or not the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or other parts of the body.

Sometimes, breast cancer can spread from your breast to other parts of your body, most often to your bones, lungs, liver, or brain. This is called advanced breast cancer. You may also hear it called metastatic or stage IV disease. Although it’s in other areas, it’s still breast cancer and doctors treat it with breast cancer drugs.

You may be able to participate in a clinical trial of a new medication. Ask your oncologist if there are any trials which are appropriate for you and check our clinical trials database.

Everything About 5 Stages of Breast Cancer With Treatments


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Most people will need some imaging or x-rays and the type you have depends on where your symptoms are.

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Sweet Louise

“When you are diagnosed with breast cancer you join a special club, a club no-one actually wants to be a member of, but a club that exists invisibly all around us. We’ve all been touched by cancer somehow, be it a friend or loved one.

Stage 3C breast cancer means a tumour of any size that has spread to:

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What is Locally Advanced Breast Cancer?

Some of the most common tests are:

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Advanced breast cancer support

Treatments may be given in different orders and combinations. Learn more about different treatment options here.

Cancer that has spread to the skin of the breast might be inflammatory breast cancer, a rare form of cancer which can be aggressive and challenging to treat.

Advanced breast cancer

Disease Control Prolongs QoL in Advanced Breast Cancer

Locally advanced breast cancer (Stage 3) is a more advanced form of invasive breast cancer than Stage 2.

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Stage 3A breast cancer

At this stage, no breast cancer has been found in distant sites in the body, but it is present in several lymph nodes. Stage 3 breast cancer has one or more of the following features:

For other types of breast cancer, where tumors are only in the breast, surgery is the main way to fight the disease. But once cancer has spread, the most common treatments are ones that travel through your blood to treat your whole body. These include hormones that shrink tumors, chemotherapy, and medicines that target certain types of cancer cells. Chemo shrinks tumors faster than hormones, but it has more side effects and may stop working after a while. Some people may choose to have a few different types of chemotherapy over time.

Advanced Breast Cancer: What to Expect

Everything You Should Know About Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

Some Stage 2 breast cancers are also considered locally advanced breast cancers.

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Stage 3B breast cancer

Symptoms of Stage 3 (locally advanced) breast cancer

Some people with advanced breast cancer may not have symptoms, but many do. The ones you have depend on the size of your tumor and where it has spread in your body. Cancer in your bones can be painful and cause fractures. Tumors in your lungs can make it harder to breathe. Treatments can help relieve these problems.

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