What Chlamydia Looks Like

Think of vaginal discharge as the ordinary housekeeping your vagina carries out to maintain itself and stay healthy. During this process, the cervix sheds a combination of:

Importantly, the CDC cautions that approximately 70% of people infected with trichomoniasis do not show any symptoms—including unusual discharge. [6] For this reason, it’s impossible to diagnose trichomoniasis solely on the basis of external symptoms: You’ll need to get tested to know whether or not a sexually transmitted disease is causing discharge disturbances.

While particular STIs can lead to abnormal vaginal discharges, a reliable diagnosis requires the use of laboratory testing techniques. But that doesn’t mean you have to personally go to a lab! Why? Because you can test for STIs from the privacy of your home with the Everlywell STI female test kit—which includes a free phone consultation with a doctor if you test positive.

Cervicitis Clinical Presentation: History, Physical Examination

What Do STI Discharges Look Like

Chlamydia in Women | causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Consistency – Often, “trich” discharge can have a thin or a “frothy” texture—like it’s filled with tiny bubbles.

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Chlamydia: Yellow Vaginal Discharge

Why testing before treatment is usually recommended – it is generally not advisable to give patients antibiotics unless there is certainty they are needed. Patients can be allergic to antibiotics, get side effects, and also overusing antibiotics increases the likelihood of antibiotic resistance.

Women or people AFAB who have been infected with trichomoniasis frequently notice the following changes in their discharge [5-6]:

What Chlamydia Looks Like

Lm Of Cervical Smear Showing Chlamydia Infection Photograph by Science ...

Under healthful conditions, discharge carries little more than a mild odor, if any at all.

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What Does “Abnormal” Discharge Look Like?

It’s important to test for chlamydia if you notice any of the following changes indicative of chlamydia discharge:

Give your sexual health the care it deserves by testing with our easy-to-use, at-home STI test. Or, meet with a clinician via Everlywell to receive STD treatment online.

Picture of Chlamydia

Lm Of Cervical Smear: Chlamydia Infection Photograph by Science Photo ...

Moreover, it’s produced in relatively small amounts, though volume increases slightly during ovulation. That said, you may notice changes under normal or “healthy” circumstances, including:

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Color – When chlamydia impacts vaginal discharge, you may notice it’s a yellow color.

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