What Do Bat Bite Look Like – Risks And Treatment

Getting rid of bats is dangerous. You can contact a wildlife professional, or some pest control companies offer this as a service. A professional company can exclude or get rid of the bats for you and also figure out where the point of entry is. Doing this on your own can be harmful and also very difficult so contact a professional for advice. Also, a professional is needed for a bat bite so they can make sure you are okay.

It is common and normal to see bats flying outside, especially at dusk and through the night. Avoid touching or even going near these mammals to prevent bites and scratches.

Believe it or not, there are other ways to get rid of bats that you can try. You can do this by sealing up cracks, using a natural bat repeller, installing a bat net and building a decoy bat house to name a few. Other ways are removing food from the garden, installing bright lights or even using moth balls.

Rabid bat bites woman near downtown Houston

What Do Bat Bites Look Like

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There is currently no cure for rabies infection from bats. However, proper cleaning of wounds and getting vaccination can help prevent serious complications.

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Bats have tiny teeth

Bats carry a lot of diseases and many have rabies. It is possible to contract rabies so you want to see medical advice right away. Rabies can be fatal and a vaccination is needed within 24 hours if you have been bitten. Unfortunately, it requires multiple doses of the vaccine for post exposure rabies. Fortunately, the shots now are in the arm or thigh, instead of the abdomen. Other diseases that bats can carry are:

Lastly, pest control services are a great addition to the upkeep of your home and can be done monthly or bimonthly. The good thing is once you have a service established, if you have any issues or pests that show up, you can call them to take care of them.

Another area to think about is mosquitos. Summer is the time of the year mosquitos like to be out in full force. This is because of the summer rains and water that pools up. It is also because of food and water sources so limiting these can keep the mosquitos away. There are a few animals that like to eat mosquitos, and one of those are bats.

What To Do When Bitten By A Bat

Just got attacked by a bat

Bats are interesting animals and they do a lot of good for farmers. They are known to eat up to 2,000 insects in one night! Many of these insects that they eat destroy the farmers crops. Additionally, they are neat to look at as they fly around in the evenings. However, you don’t want to handle a bat or get too close as you can be bitten. What do bat bites look like? They are a small bite and difficult to recognize, but are less than 1mm in diameter and look like a pin prick.

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Do Bats Bite People Often

If possible, capture the bat (or seal it’s remains in a plastic bag) and send it to a laboratory for rabies testing. Be careful not to get to close, and get bitten or scratched again in the process.

Bats do not usually bite or attack a human unless they are provoked or sick. Like other animals, if bats feel threatened or trapped, they will defend themselves and may bite. Most bat bites occur when people attempt contact with the bats – for example when trying to catch a bat – therefore, it is best to avoid contact wherever possible.

What does a bat bite look like


Let’s take a look at what bat bites look like and how to know if you have been bitten.

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What Does The Bat Bite Look Like

Check if any of these gets into the eyes, nose, mouth, or in an open wound. If so, wash the wound thoroughly using soap and water and seek medical care right away.

Bat bites can be difficult to spot as they are usually small. The bite may sometimes show teeth marks but often will just look like pinpricks and may not even be visible.

What Do Bat Bite Look Like – Risks And Treatment

Now that you have learning about bat bites, paying attention to some areas in your home is important. One of those is listening for bat noises. If you hear squeaky noises coming from the attic or basement, then it is time to jump into action. This can indicate that you have bats and they are dangerous because of the germs that they spread.

Getting appropriate treatment is extremely important after bat bites or scratches, even if the person is already vaccinated.

The good news is that less than 1/2 of 1% of bat population carry rabies so the chances of rabies is low.

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