What Do Bat Bites Look Like

Bats are typically shy and non-aggressive creatures, and they do not bite humans without provocation. However, there are situations in which bats may bite in self-defense or when they feel threatened. Here are common situations in which bats might bite:

Bats are known to be nocturnal animals. They mostly do the prey searching at night and hibernate during the day. These creatures have poor vision, and they emit echoes to detect and locate targets in the dark.

Rabid bat bites woman near downtown Houston

Do Bats Bite

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Take note that bat bites can be very small and barely visible to the naked eye. The bitten person might not always know if they are exposed to the rabies virus until the symptoms kick in.

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If you find a bat in your home, try to get it out the door or window. You can do this by:

What To Do When Bitten By A Bat

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When people do get rabies from the bite or scratch of an infected animal, there is a high chance of it being fatal.

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Another area to think about is mosquitos. Summer is the time of the year mosquitos like to be out in full force. This is because of the summer rains and water that pools up. It is also because of food and water sources so limiting these can keep the mosquitos away. There are a few animals that like to eat mosquitos, and one of those are bats.

Bats carry a lot of diseases and many have rabies. It is possible to contract rabies so you want to see medical advice right away. Rabies can be fatal and a vaccination is needed within 24 hours if you have been bitten. Unfortunately, it requires multiple doses of the vaccine for post exposure rabies. Fortunately, the shots now are in the arm or thigh, instead of the abdomen. Other diseases that bats can carry are:

What Do Bat Bite Look Like – Risks And Treatment

People often don’t know what bat bites look like. The bite and scratches are very small as bats’ teeth are small but sharp. According to the United States Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a bat bite looks like a pin prick. Due to no obvious marks, you may not know if you have been bitten. However, here are some examples of when you might be bitten by a bat and need to seek medical advice.

Getting appropriate treatment is extremely important after bat bites or scratches, even if the person is already vaccinated.

Prevention is the most effective strategy for avoiding bat bites. If you encounter bats in your living spaces or suspect the presence of bats in your vicinity, consult with professionals to have them safely removed and ensure your home is bat-proofed to prevent future encounters.

What Do Bat Bites Look Like

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Remember that the risk of rabies transmission from a bat bite is significant, and rabies is almost always fatal once symptoms develop. Immediate and thorough medical attention is essential to prevent rabies infection. Never take a bat bite lightly, and always err on the side of caution by seeking prompt medical care.

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With the risk of contracting rabies a pressing one, anyone who is suffering from a bat bite should seek immediate medical attention. First, wash the affected area with soap and water to flush away as much bacteria as possible. Rabies is entirely preventable with proper medical treatment. To avoid being bitten altogether, homeowners should contact the professionals at Orkin as soon as bats are found on their property.

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