What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like

While adult bed bugs are relatively easy to see, the same cannot be said for their offspring! Baby bed bugs are extremely small, and are more easily discernible only as they approach adulthood and darken in color. Bed bug eggs, for their part, are extremely difficult to see. To wit . . .

Of course, if you can neither see nor uncover bed bug eggs, the signs of their presence are in plain sight. Baby bed bugs will discard their exoskeletons everywhere and anywhere. And the same goes for the fecal matter they generate. But the real giveaway may well be the rusty, reddish spots you find on your bed sheets or pillowcases, as well as at the entrances of bug hiding places.

Of course your reaction to the bed bug bite will vary depending on your personal health history and the bit of the bug that snacked on you. If you suspect you were bitten by a bug and notice difficulty breathing, nausea, irregular heartbeat, swollen tongue, blisters or a fever developing, see medical advice and treatment right away.

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As you can see from the CDC graphic above, these nymphs will pass through five stages before they reach maturity, although it’s worth pointing out that their bodies are pretty much fully formed after hatching. They simply grow larger in size. Among the many problems they pose is the fact that a bed bug will begin to breed as soon as it reaches maturity. A female bed bug, for instance, can lay as many as 200 to 250 eggs in a lifetime. Some have even been able to lay up to 500, although that was in a controlled (and safe) laboratory environment in which the bed bug ‘subjects’ had regular, unimpeded access to human blood. The result? You can suffer a full-fledged infestation very, very quickly!

As the nymphs mature – shedding their exoskeletons at each stage – they will begin to turn brown and their translucence will begin to gradually diminish.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like

Chances are you won’t feel their bite when it happens. That’s because bed bugs inject you with a numbing agent and an anticoagulant to stop bleeding at the same type they bite you. Many people do not feel the bite itself or develop clear symptoms other than the dots where the bug bit and some minor, surrounding inflammation and irritation. Others are considered hypersensitive to bites and develop more severe symptoms. The bed bugs’ bites are red and itchy but usually not painful. Sometimes, bites won’t present with any symptoms for 14 days, and once symptoms start they usually are gone in a week or so. The larger danger from bed bug bites is the potential for infection with all of the itching and scratching.

These insects are very small and can be easy to miss, so it is helpful to understand the stages that bed bugs go through in their lifetimes. An adult female can produce about 350 bed bug eggs in her life. And, she feeds (read: bites) more and more so she can support that big family. The growth stages of bed bugs are as follows:

As these eggs grow into the next stages, the nymphs become just slightly more visible. They are clear or a white-yellow shade and still less than five millimeters in length. You are not likely to see them without a microscope or magnifying glass unless they have just fed. This is what gives their abdomen that reddish brown color. Their bodies have three parts, and their antennae have four parts.

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Bed bugs generally live within about eight feet of where you sleep, and they can live anywhere from six to 24 months. They usually feed every three to seven days though they can survive many months without feeding if they must. If they have a ready food source—you and your family—you might start to notice telltale signs:

Another tricky thing about bed bug bites is that it takes some people up to two weeks to have a reaction. Unfortunately, in that time, a few bed bugs can turn into many more.

You might see small reddish brown dots on your bedding that could indicate that bed bugs had fed on human blood recently. Small dark dots might be bed bug feces. During the daytime hours, they hide in out-of-the-way places like the seams of a mattress or tucked into the cushions on a bedroom chair. They can even be found in furniture joints or wallpaper openings! When you have a real infestation, you might notice a slightly sweet, musky smell around areas where they gather.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like

Bed Bug Bite Signs, Symptoms, Pictures and Treatment

The life cycle of the bed bug can be divided into seven distinct stages. The CDC graphic below illustrates these stages perfectly.

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Tracking the Bed Bug Life Cycle

Bed bugs cause bite wounds that usually look like red welts on the skin, surrounded by a red rash, but this is not always the case. Bites from immature bed bug nymphs can be nothing more than a few red dots and have no rash associated with them. There are also many bugs that can bite you and the bites from these other pests can have different appearances. With so many bugs that can bite you and so much variance between bites, it can be difficult to figure out which bug you’re dealing with. Today, we’re going to look at five bugs that can bite you inside your home and discuss how these bites are different from bed bug bites.

Save yourself the worry of infection and the hassle of trying to guess what has moved into your sleeping space by contacting a pest control professional right away. They will be able to create a custom pest control plan to help bring you and your family relief.

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