What Do Breast Cancer Lumps Feel Like

Most lumps in the breast are benign (noncancerous), and they feel different than a cancerous breast lump does. Benign lumps usually feel smooth, soft, and move from side to side. With cancer, a breast lump typically feels hard like a rock and is immobile when you push on it. The lump may also be irregularly shaped.

If you’re having routine mammograms, it’s likely that any abnormal changes in your breast tissue will be detected before they progress to the point of becoming breast cancer lumps that can be felt through your skin. As breast cancer screening methods become more and more sophisticated, early detection rates continue to rise.

Pictures of Breast Cancer Lumps: Early Breast Cancer Signs to Look For

A Visual Guide to Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Contrary to what the name suggests, radial scars are not actual scars, but the term describes how they look under a microscope. This condition often affects both breasts and is diagnosed with a biopsy.

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Breast Cysts

A hard lump — of any shape or size — in your breast that doesn’t move is the most common sign of breast cancer. It can be deep in the breast or visible on the surface. Think of it like a marble, one expert said. TODAY Illustrations

A lump in your breast can be anywhere, but a cancerous lump most often occurs in the upper-outer section of the breast. It can be located near the surface or deeper inside the breast, close to the chest wall. It can also occur in the armpit area, where there is more breast tissue (a.k.a. the “tail” of the breast).

What Do Breast Cancer Lumps Feel Like

What kind of lump in the breast is a cancer ?

If you discover a lump in your breast or armpit area, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer. In fact, there are quite a few common breast conditions that can cause cysts or other lumplike growths, and the vast majority of breast lump tissue that’s tested turns out to be benign (noncancerous). Even so, you should alert your doctor whenever you discover a lump in your breast.

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What does a lump really look like?

Jones also said that dimpling, which usually looks like an indentation, is a warning sign. Another symptom can be breasts beginning to change shape – such as becoming lopsided or one becoming swollen.

Some women have a high risk of breast cancer because they got changes, or mutations, in certain genes at birth. The genes most often involved in breast cancer are known as BRCA1 and BRCA2. Women with mutations in these genes have a higher chance of getting breast cancer at some point in life than those who don’t. Other genes may be linked to breast cancer risk as well.

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What Does a Breast Cancer Lump Feel Like

Dr. Judy Song, chief of breast imaging at MedStar Health, added that at different points in your menstrual cycle, you may have more lumps and bumps, so being familiar with those changes can help you understand what’s normal on your chest.

For years, doctors told women to check their own breasts once a month. But studies suggest these exams play a very small role in finding cancer compared to other testing methods. The current thinking is that it’s more important to know your breasts and be aware of any changes, rather than checking them on a regular schedule. If you want to do a self-exam, go over the technique with your doctor.

According to Know Your Lemons, a nonprofit global organization that focuses on making information about breast cancer warning signs and detection methods accessible, a hard lump is a common sign of cancer.

What does a breast cancer lump feel like? 8 pictures to help determine if a lump is normal or concerning

What do Breast Cancer Lumps Feel Like? (with pictures)

Doctors continue to search for treatments that work better and are easier to undergo. Funding for this research comes from many sources, including advocacy groups throughout the country. Many of the 3.8 million breast cancer survivors and their families choose to participate in walk-a-thons and other fundraising events. This links each individual fight against cancer into a common effort for progress.

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Survival Rates

Our breast cancer program team comprises highly respected surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists and other practitioners who work exclusively with breast cancer patients to develop individualized therapy plans based on each patient’s condition and needs. Additionally, Moffitt patients often have access to innovative breast cancer treatment through the robust clinical trials program at our National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Your doctor may order an extra test that takes pictures of the inside of your body. A breast ultrasound can help find cysts, fluid-filled sacs that most often aren’t cancer. You might get an MRI along with a mammogram as part of your routine testing if you have a higher risk of breast cancer.

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