What Do STI Discharges Look Like

Think of vaginal discharge as the ordinary housekeeping your vagina carries out to maintain itself and stay healthy. During this process, the cervix sheds a combination of:

Color– Typically, “trich” discharge lies between plain yellow and yellow-greenish. It may also be gray, white, or even clear.

Vaginitis – Vaginitis discharge is highly variable between individuals. However, it’s common to observe significant changes in the color, smell, or volume of discharge (or all three).

What Gonorrhea Looks Like (Pictured)

What Does Chlamydia Discharge Color Like- What You Should Know

Consistent testing is a key step to take in sexual well-being. While this won’t directly prevent STIs, it will let you know your status so you can get treatment before it harms your health.

When you notice a strange color in your discharge, it’s a probable sign that your vaginal microflora balance has been disturbed. This, in part, is why some STIs can show up as changes in a woman’s discharge.

Oftentimes, chlamydia may cause symptoms that look like a urinary tract infection or cervicitis. Most times, an infected person’s vaginal or penile discharge may be yellow in color. They can sometimes have a foul-smelling odor. Chlamydia discharge color can also be gray or whitish. This symptom is usually followed by pain and a burning sensation in the genital area during urination.

What Do STI Discharges Look Like

Chlamydia vs gonorrhea symptoms

Importantly, noticing changes in discharge accompanied by flu-like symptoms, painful urination, or vaginal itching is a surefire sign to reach out to a healthcare provider. In the meantime, we’ll introduce you to possible causes of shifts in the look of your STD discharge so you can be more informed about all things sexual health.

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Types of abnormal discharge

Odor – You may notice your discharge carries a distinct, pungent odor that many describe as “fishy.”

Each of the following conditions are likewise known to appear with changes in vaginal discharge:

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Straight, No Chaser: The Most Common STD

To that end, noticing something “off” about your usual patterns may indicate your immune system is overburdened, or your body is dealing with an underlying health issue. Whether it’s an unusual odor or your discharge has a strange color, it’s important to know if it’s a sexually transmitted disease causing changes so you can get treated as soon as possible.

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What is chlamydia discharge color?

Volume – Many people with trichomoniasis notice a heavier discharge flow than usual, particularly as they near their menstrual cycle.

While STIs can certainly cause discharge disturbances, it’s also possible your symptoms were caused by a different reproductive imbalance or infection. [11]

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