What does ebola look like on someone?

The Ebola virus is not believed to be spread through the air, unless the patient is undergoing medical procedures that can release respiratory droplets into the air, such as having a breathing tube inserted or removed or undergoing bronchoscopy.

You get Ebola from a person who has the virus, and only while they have symptoms. People pass it to others through their body fluids. Blood, stool, and vomit are the most infectious, but semen, urine, sweat, tears, and breast milk also carry it.

If you travel to affected countries or think you have been exposed to someone suspected or confirmed to have Ebola, follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance for protecting yourself. In addition:

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What does ebola look like on someone

How To Prevent and Treat Ebola

The best way to avoid Ebola is to stay away from areas where the virus is common. If you are in an outbreak area:

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Ebola Symptoms

The drug Inmazeb, a mixture of three monoclonal antibodies (atoltivimab, maftivimab, and odesivimab-ebgn), was approved by the FDA in October 2020 to treat the Zaire strain of Ebola in children and adults.

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A man carries out a girl from an Ebola isolation center as a mob overruns the facility in the West Point slum on Aug. 16, 2014 in Monrovia. John Moore—Getty Images

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After Ebola

Health-care workers caring for patients with suspected or confirmed Ebola virus should apply extra infection control measures to prevent contact with the patient’s blood and body fluids and contaminated surfaces or materials such as clothing and bedding.

Mattresses that were looted from an isolation center for Ebola patients, local residents said, float in a seaside dump in the West Point slum in Monrovia on Aug. 19, 2014. John Moore—Getty Images

A very sick boy, 10, lies in a back alley of the West Point slum in Monrovia on Aug. 19, 2014. The boy was one of the patients who was pulled out of a holding center for suspected Ebola patients when the facility was overrun by a mob on Saturday. A local clinic refused to treat the boy on Tuesday, according to residents, because of the danger of infection. John Moore—Getty Images

Harrowing Images of Liberia’s Ebola Outbreak

The time from when someone gets infected to having symptoms is usually from 2 to 21 days. A person with Ebola can only spread the disease once they have symptoms. People can spread Ebola for as long as their body contains the virus, even after they have died.

A vaccine for Ebola was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in December 2019. It is a one-dose shot that protects against the variant of the Ebola virus that has caused the most serious outbreak so far. This vaccine is not likely to be effective against the Ebola Sudan strain that caused a 2022 outbreak in Uganda.

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Ebola virus disease

Everything Ebola

Experts believe that people only become infectious once they start to have symptoms. The risk of being infectious in the early course of Ebola is generally low and appears to become much higher in the later stages of the disease.

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What is Ebola?

Blood, urine and other tests may be done regularly. This is to check for chemicals that show how well the organs are working. The tests also look for signs of the virus that continue or go away. Your blood pressure will be checked regularly.

The CDC’s Ebola vaccine recommendations urge adults age 18 and older to receive the Ebola vaccine if they are at risk for exposure to the virus. This includes researchers who work with the virus in laboratories. It also includes health care workers, first responders and others at risk of exposure to the Ebola virus, whether they work at designated Ebola-ready treatment centers in the U.S. (including the biocontainment unit at The Johns Hopkins Hospital) or care for patients in other countries.

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