What does vision look like with cataract

There are some risk factors to be avoided, as they are known to contribute to speeding up the development of cataracts. They include:

Sometimes, cataracts can cause double vision (also known as diplopia) when you look with one eye. This is different than the double vision that comes from the eyes not lining up properly, which would give you double vision when looking out of both eyes together. With cataracts, images can appear double even with just one eye open.

This is the most common symptom of cataracts. It can affect both distance and reading vision which may appear foggy. If left untreated, the clouding of the lens means the cataract will worsen, with less light able to get through the lens.

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What does vision look like with cataracts

Complications from cataract surgery are rare. The most common risks are bleeding, infection, and changes in eye pressure, which are all treatable when caught early. Surgery slightly raises the risk of retinal detachment, which requires emergency treatment. Sometimes, lens tissue left after surgery and used to support the IOL can become cloudy, even years after surgery. This “after-cataract” is easily and permanently corrected with a laser.

There are a few things you can do to help keep your vision healthy:

Sometimes, a cataract may temporarily improve a person’s ability to see close-up, because the cataract acts as a stronger lens. This phenomenon is called second sight, because people who may have once needed reading glasses find that they don’t need them anymore. As the cataract worsens however, this goes away and vision worsens again.

What does vision look like with cataracts

What Do Cataracts Look Like, and When Should I Ask For Solutions?

You may notice this, particularly when reading indoors, when trying to read coloured text against a coloured background, or when reading fine print.

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Early cataract vision

Cataract surgery is nothing to worry about – it is a quick and painless microsurgery, and you will be treated as an outpatient. Local anaesthetic is administered via drops, and surgery takes around 10 minutes on each eye. You should recover full vision within just a few days, so you can get back to driving and enjoy seeing the world again.

So, why do cataracts happen? Can they be prevented? What does vision look like with cataracts? Is surgery necessary?

Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Cataracts

A Visual Guide to Cataracts

In the early stages of cataracts, changes to your sight will most likely be very subtle and almost imperceptible.

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Need for Brighter Lighting

The majority of cataracts are related to aging. More than half of Americans over 65 have cataracts. Babies are sometimes born with cataracts, also called congenital cataracts, or children may develop them as a result of injury or illness. Exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) light can also increase the risk of cataract and other eye conditions.

If, like most people, you rely on your eyes every day, having impaired vision is a scary thought. To protect yourself from eye problems, it’s therefore important to be able to recognise the different symptoms of cataracts.

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Cataract Surgery Procedure: Safety, Recovery, and Effects

As time goes on, however, you will begin to see a slow deterioration of your vision.

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Sensitivity to Light and Glare

Frequent changes to your eyeglass or contact lens prescription can be a sign of cataracts. This is because cataracts are usually progressive, meaning they get worse over time.

Left untreated, a cataract will develop to late-stage. It can become visibly noticeable to other people, appearing as a milky spot at the centre part of the eye. It’s this that creates the vision impairment. With a late-stage cataract, patients will have very limited vision, may need to stop driving, and may become more reluctant to go out and about alone.

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