What s Causing Your Skin Rash

Jewelry workers, for example, may become allergic to nickel. Chemicals in the dyes that hairstylists use can also cause allergic reactions. Redness can be part of your body’s immune response.

Herbal supplements, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, and prescription drugs can all cause allergic reactions and other unwanted side effects, including red skin.

If you’re suffering from a skin rash, check out the following images to see if it could be one of these. (Warning: A few of these rashes might be a little tough to look at.)

Burning rash spreads from the trunk to the rest of the body

12 Causes of Skin Redness and Burning

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Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that causes your body to produce skin cells too rapidly. This rapid growth makes red patches flare up now and then.

What s Causing Your Skin Rash

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Often, a dandruff shampoo with selenium sulfide can help resolve this condition. (If treating a child, speak to their pediatrician first.) See a dermatologist if it doesn’t help or if you have symptoms of infection, such as:

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Autoimmune Conditions

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Symptoms of psoriasis may include:

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Dermatitis Herpetiformis: an itchy, burning, blistering rash!

Allergic reactions to drugs can range from minor to severe and life-threatening. They typically occur within an hour after taking a drug. Some symptoms—such as a rash—may not appear until hours, days, or weeks later.

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Drug reactions can be serious. They can sometimes cause death. Any time you have a rash after you’ve taken a medication, call your healthcare provider right away.

There are two main types of drug-induced skin rashes. One is immediate — associated with hives, itching, and often with breathing difficulty, and tongue or lip swelling. If this happens, it is important to seek medical attention right away.

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