Why You Need a One Hitter Pipe

Pro-tip: If your bud is very dry you may want to not grind it up too much because it will turn to ash too fast and if your bud is large and moist you may not want to grind too big because it will block the airflow.

We suggest you try to grind up three different consistencies of cannabis and then pack each into your one hitter and test which is the perfect consistency. Then grind your weed that way each time so you can load your one hitter in the future with no issue.

How to Use a One Hitter Pipe? [Ultimate Stoner's Guide]

How to Pack a One Hitter for a Perfect Smoke Every Time

One hitters come with various tricks to get over this, like the SilverStick coming with an end cap so you can pack and go with a couple hits. You can also pick up a wooden or leather dugout/one hitter box, to carry your herb, pipe, and other accessories if you need a little more during your adventure.

This isn’t to say you can use alcohol on all pipes, so make sure you double check beforehand.

The beveled edges in the Dart one hitter pipe chamber and pressure will help you to pack your one hitter perfectly. If you do not have a Dart and are using an older one hitter pipe then just make sure to angle your dugout so gravity can help a bit and double check the weed packed in the one-hitter to make sure it’s packed perfectly. You are looking for a nice and tightly packed bowl with no loose pieces. Like the image below:

Why You Need a One Hitter Pipe

Cigarette Style One-Hitter Pipe with Dark Filter | Grasscity.com

One effective and low-cost method for cleaning a glass one hitter requires items you likely already have at home. You will need a ziplock plastic bag or safe sealable container, rubbing alcohol, salt, and water. Note that the higher percentage alcohol you use, the more effective. Place the glass one hitter in the Ziplock bag or sealable container. Add enough alcohol until the one hitter is submerged in the alcohol. Then add about a tablespoon of salt. Many claim that sea salt works best for removing build up, but you can use any salt you have. Coarse salts are more effective than finely ground salt for removing resin. Agitate the bag gently so that the solution circulates throughout the one hitter pipe. The salt will act as an abrasive to scrub off the cannabis resin that builds up in the tube. Soaking times can vary from 5-15 minutes for lighter cleaning or for stubborn resin buildup, you can soak the one hitter in alcohol for 30-60 minutes or even longer as needed. Ensure to rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and dry completely before use.

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Load It Up!

Packing a one hitter has never been easier.

If you’re just starting out with one hitters, have no fear, these pipes are really simple when you get the hang of them.

Make sure you use a premium smell-proof marijuana canister like the Dart’s canister. Grind your weed to it’s perfect consistency and store all your weed into this smell proof cannabis canister so you are good to smoke for the entire week!

5 Tips for Mastering the One Hitter Pipe

Best Discreet Cigarette One Hitter Pipes That'll Fool Anyone

Learning how to load a one hitter isn’t that hard if you master this key ingredient: perfect ground cannabis. As all grinders are made differently we can’t tell you exactly how to grind your weed, but I will give you this rule of thumb to work with.

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Pack One Hitter with a Beveled Edge

So let’s learn how to pack the perfect bowl for your one hitter whether you are on the go or not, and how to save money and keep your health in mind as well. Keep reading below to become an expert on how to pack a one hitter.

In this article we are going to break down just how you pack a one hitter and pro tips on how to use and smoke your one hitter for the best experience possible!

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