What happens in the third month of pregnancy

Tip of the Week: Eat plenty of foods that contain calcium, such as cheeses, sardines, and broccoli. Your baby needs it, and so do you.

You will be given a tablet of mifepristone to swallow. Mifepristone makes the uterus more sensitive to a medication called misoprostol, which is used to induce contractions (start labour).

The Truth About Abortion

People are using abortion medication later in their pregnancies. Here’s what that means

The Truth About Abortion

Complications such as hemorrhage or a retained placenta are slightly more likely after 10 weeks than when the medication is taken earlier. However, one review of the available research found that less than 1 percent of patients had heavy bleeding that required transfusion. “For the most part, in our experience, the pills work very well, and it isn’t common to need to get extra care,” Prine said.

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First appointment

These may require transfer to hospital or surgical procedures and may have serious long-term health effects.

The FDA approved medication abortion in 2000, with a recommended use of up to 7 weeks into a pregnancy. It wasn’t until 2016 that the FDA expanded its recommendation to 10 weeks.

The Abortion pill from 10 weeks to 24 weeks

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Around the world, there is plenty of precedent for medication abortions later in pregnancy. This method is the norm for second-trimester procedures in Scandinavian countries, said Daniel Grossman, a physician and a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California San Francisco.

Baby: Your baby is 2.5 inches long, about the size of a garlic bulb. All parts of your baby are developing, from tooth buds to toenails. There’s now a recognizable profile, with a clear nose and chin. Your baby will keep developing and getting larger and stronger for the rest of your pregnancy. By the end of this week, the chance of miscarriage drops considerably.

What happens in the third month of pregnancy

12 Weeks Pregnant: Your Week-by-Week Guide | During Pregnancy

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Even in the US, doctors are able to prescribe medication abortion off-label after 10 weeks — in one 2022 study, 33 percent of clinics provided medication abortion after that time period. In its most recent practice bulletin on the topic, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists lists medication as one of the recommended methods of second-trimester abortion; the recommended regimen includes more doses of misoprostol than a first-trimester abortion but is otherwise similar.

Tip of the Week: Schedule a dentist appointment. See your dentist at least once in these 9 months. Brush and floss daily, and take your prenatal vitamin for calcium to keep your teeth strong. Your gums may bleed more because of pregnancy hormones and increased blood volume. If they do, use a soft toothbrush.

Medical abortion at 13 or more weeks gestation provided through telemedicine: A retrospective review of services

What a 22 Week Old Unborn Baby Really Looks Like | Bristol Palin

Efficacy of self-administered medical abortion decreases as gestational age increases, risking continuation of pregnancy. Provision through telemedicine at 13 to 15 weeks appears safe and effective.

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The primary outcome of the analysis was pregnancy status after medical abortion drug administration, as measured via self-report, either in the post- medical abortion evaluation or online communication with Women on Web. Secondary outcomes were incidence of adverse events and seeking additional treatment from a health facility, including surgical uterine evacuation, to align with the Medical Abortion Reporting Efficacy (MARE-S) guidelines [28]. The MARE-S guidelines recommend defining a successful medical abortion as one in which the intrauterine pregnancy is expelled without need for surgical intervention [28]. Evaluation forms contain close-ended questions for each of these outcomes. Any data entered as free text in the evaluation form or through communication with staff was collected if relevant to the above outcomes. Additionally, acceptability of the abortion process was assessed in the post-medical abortion evaluation with a close-ended question “Was medical abortion an appropriate method for you” to which women could answer positively or negatively.

Still, the process of undergoing a second-trimester abortion with medication can be challenging, especially at home. “People who are further in gestation have more pain associated with medication abortions,” Grossman said. Because of the pain and the elevated complication risk, the standard of care in the US has been for medication abortions in the second trimester to take place in medical facilities.

Mifepristone, pictured, is one step in the most common medication abortion regimen. Access to it, and to clinical abortion, has become increasingly limited in the year since Roe v. Wade was overturned. Getty Images/iStockphoto

How Far Into a Pregnancy Can You Use the Abortion Pill

FDA expands abortion-pill access in states seeking limits

Limited data suggest that medical abortion through telemedicine services may be a safe option through 15 weeks gestation in settings where there is ready access to the formal health system. More research with adequate sample sizes and high rates of follow-up is needed to inform on the safety of telemedicine for pregnancies 13 weeks and greater.

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Materials and Methods

We performed an analysis consisting of descriptive statistics, including frequencies/percentages and mean/standard deviation for characteristics of the study population and the outcomes of interest. Due to small sample sizes, bivariate associations were assessed using Fisher’s exact statistics. All analyses were conducted using Stata.

The experience can also look different from a first-trimester abortion. Earlier procedures tend to produce fairly consistent cramping and bleeding over the course of several hours, while later medication abortions more often result in “a big gush of fluid and then passage of the fetus and then some bleeding after that,” Prine said.

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Once you have checked in with the receptionist, your name and date of birth will be checked and you will be asked to go into a waiting room. A nurse will collect you and ask if you would like your support person to accompany you through this stage. The nurse will make sure that all your paperwork is complete and accurate. Your medical history will be confirmed.

If you are 22 weeks pregnant or more, it is necessary to administer an injection into your abdomen to stop the fetal heartbeat before the abortion takes place. This is called ‘feticide’ and more detail can be found here. If you are rhesus-negative you will also have an anti-D injection.

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